[COVER] SISTAR and Monsta X brought the house down at Joint Fan Meeting in Singapore


Starship Entertainment artistes SISTAR and Monsta X were recently in Singapore for their joint Fan Meet as they took the stage by storm at the Marina Bay Sands Convention Centre, where fans cheered their hearts out for their favourite idols.

The event was centered around celebrating the 40th anniversary of Singapore and Korea’s diplomatic relations, with the festival featuring many brands and products from Korea such as Shilla Duty Free Shop, and not forgetting the highlights of a classic performance by vocal group UANGEL VOICE and a Hanbok Fashion Show by Lee Young Hee, one of the most celebrated designers of the traditional Korean clothes.


SISTAR, who unfortunately came short of one member (Soyou), treated the fans to flawless performances of their hit songs as they showcased their powerful vocals with ‘Shake It‘, ‘Crying‘, ‘I Swear‘ and ‘Loving U‘. After a round of telepathy game with the fans, there was an air of nostalgia as the girls performed ‘Ma Boy‘, one of their earliest songs that brought them to fame.


Finally the girls ended their part of the Fan Meet with a blast, performing ‘Touch My Body‘ and they passed the baton over to Monsta X, who burst out on stage, making the crowd go wild.


Monsta X made a powerful stage presence with ‘Perfect Girl‘ and ‘Rush‘, where at one point the show started to get pretty chaotic with fans rushing to the front to catch a closer glimpse of the boys. As part of the performance for ‘Honestly‘, the boys prepared roses and serenaded one lucky fan who sat on stage while members sang and danced around her.


Afterwards, Monsta X and the few chosen fans were off for a staring contest where the couple who had the best timing would win. There were many hilarious moments as all the fans were overwhelmed with excitement having such intimate moments with the boys!


Monsta X concluded their Fan Meet as members took turns to confess their love for all the fans and Singapore, showering the crowd with affectionate words.

To complete the day, both SISTAR and Monsta X returned on stage for a hi-five and group photo-taking session, leaving only delighted and satisfied fans from the event.

Check out the clips below for SISTAR and Monsta X’s live performances at the Fan Meet:
(Change your YouTube settings to view the videos in HD!)

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Article: Jonan
Photos: Nicole

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