[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] 2 Not-to-be Missed Festivals in South Korea for K-Pop Lovers

SAF 2015 (1)

Heads up for those of you who’ll be traveling to Korea this winter! Here comes two of the best major festivals for K-pop fans in South Korea! Though the country is getting colder, this winter will be totally hot for you!

SAF 2015 (2)
Ready to meet your favorite SBS TV Program and celebrities? SBS Awards Festival (SAF) is Seoul’s best Year-end event that celebrates all the accomplishments in SBS’ TV programs throughout the year. You can meet your favorite TV shows and stars in one place and there is a variety of exciting events you can engage in.

SAF 2015 (3)

Performances by K-pop stars such as BTS, B.A.P, EXID, and many more groups are prepared as well! You can also win amazing prizes such as autographed CDs, and tickets for the Gayo Daejeon (K-Pop Music Festival), Drama & Entertainment Awards Ceremony by joining this event. Find out more details HERE!

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The 25th Seoul Music Awards (1)
2. The 25th Seoul Music Awards
On January 14th in 2016, one of the biggest annual music festivals in Korea, Seoul Music Awards will be celebrating outstanding achievements in the Korean music industry. The award will go to the hands of singers and artists who have released music albums during the year. This will definitely be an awesome experience, because you’ll get to meet the best of the best K-pop stars right in front of your eyes at the red carpet!

The 25th Seoul Music Awards (2)

For those who are interested, choose to enjoy this festival either with Trazy’s Ticket-Only, or with Trazy’s Ultimate Seoul Music Awards Ticket & Seoul Tour Package, which includes a tour of the city and this major K-pop festival, all in one package!

Don’t hibernate at home, go enjoy Korea’s two best K-pop festivals that will give you an unforgettable experience! Plan your winter holiday trip way easier by Korea’s #1 Travel Guide, Trazy.com.

Go Travel, Go Crazy!

Article & Photos by: Yemi of Trazy.com

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