[COVER] Ji Chang Wook healing the hearts of many in Singapore


Korean Actor Ji Chang Wook, known for his roles in dramas such as ‘Healer‘ and ‘Empress Ki‘, recently visited Singapore and made an appearance as Shokubutsu’s brand ambassador at a closed-door press conference at The Westin.

Greeting the media with his ‘healing smile’, the Korean heartthrob expressed that he was thankful to be appointed as Shokubutsu’s brand ambassador, and went on to share about his thoughts on the endorsement.


Following his rising popularity across Asia, Ji Chang Wook is currently busy with the filming of a China-Korea co-production drama, “Mr. Right“, which is set to air next year.  The actor shared that he almost missed his flight to Singapore due to the filming schedule and jokingly said that, “I really ran to catch the flight!”


Being associated with a thoughtful, caring, warm and pampering image, Ji Chang Wook revealed that he would give his girlfriend a lot of warm and caring words if he has one in future. The actor then shyly added, “I am personally a very warm and caring person.”


In line with the brand’s product, it is inevitable that Ji Chang Wook was asked questions relating to showering habits. He shared that, “I feel the most at ease when I reached home and have a warm bath after a long day of filming.”

When asked to pick the most unforgettable shower scene he has filmed so far, Ji Chang Wook chose the scene in ‘Empress Ki’ where he was covered with flower petals and hid underwater with his co-star Ha Ji-won, as it was his first time filming such a scene.


Following the press conference, Ji Chang Wook met up with 160 lucky fans at an exclusive private Fan Meet where selected fans got to have up-close interactions with the actor, such as participating in several games that involved using the brand’s products as props.


Right after the private Fan Meet, Ji Chang Wook made his way down to Suntec City West Atrium for a public Meet and Greet session, where he melted the hearts of the hundreds of fans who were there for him since morning.


We are glad to have Ji Chang Wook gracing the events as the brand ambassador of Shokubutsu and special thanks to Lion Corporation for the media invite to the events.

Article & Photos: RongRong

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