[K-FOOD/REVIEW] Taste what Korean royal perfection is all about only at Seorae Galmaegi


Founded in South Korea in 2007, Seorae Galmaegi started as the leading brand for Galmaegisal, also known as pork skirt meat. With the rising popularity, Seorae has expanded to more than 260 outlets across major cities such as Beijing, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Jakarta and more, capturing hearts of many with the Signature Galmaegisal.

Earlier this week, Seorae finally landed on our sunny island and our team was invited for a media tasting session, where we tried their signature Galmaegisal and other Korean dishes.


If you haven’t heard it before, Galmaegisal is found between the ribs and belly of the pig and is a unique cut that forms only 250 grams of every full-grown pig and was reserved strictly for Korean royalties in olden days. It has the perfect combination of tenderness and juiciness! Most importantly, it contains minimal amount of fats, which appeals to many female Korean BBQ lovers like you and me.

Galmaegisal: Pork skirt-meat marinated with authentic Korean spices, then grilled to perfection

Galmaegisal is Seorae’s signature dish and diners will have the option to choose between original, spicy or garlic flavour. The pieces of meat are quite chunky (as opposed to Samgyeobsal, which is much thinner) and pretty much contains less fat than other cuts of pork. Besides, it has a texture that resembles beef more than pork with the flavour to match.

Grilled Galmaegisal with melted cheese (Top up $2 for cheese on grill)

In Seorae, there are different ways of enjoying your Galmaegisal. You can eat it straight after grill, dip it into the onion sauce or the melted cheese on grill. We prefer dipping into the onion sauce as it best compliments the taste of the meat!

Spicy Galmaegisal: Juicy pork skirt meat marinated with spicy sauce for hot and tangy flavour lovers

We were pretty good with the delicate flavour and tenderness of the Galmaegisal. The juicy meat of Galmaegisal is definitely something you should not miss in Seorae! However, as meat lovers, we all feel that the serving is quite small and would thus highly recommend ordering the King Galmaegisal ($29.90) for a bigger portion instead.

Three Musketeers: All three kinds of samgyeobsal (original, sweet and spicy)
LA Galbi: Succulent beef ribs cut across the bones and grilled to bring out the delicious marrow juice
Seorae Bulgogi: Premium beef top blade grilled in special Bulgogi sauce with mushroom and onion slices
Sundubu Jjigae: Spicy soft tofu stew mixed with minced pork, fresh vegetables, clams and Omega-3 eggs

Served in a hot pot, Sundubu Jjigae is definitely a perfect dish for the rainy days and is best enjoyed with a bowl of hot steamy rice. This dish is pretty good, so we gave it the thumbs up as the savory taste of the stew is so comforting.

Dosirak: Succulent beef sausages, anchovies and egg over steaming white rice

For those who are looking for something simple, you can try the Dosirak. Remember to mix it well by shaking the lunchbox as vigorously as possible to enjoy the tastier flavour!

Sinsa Patbingsoo: Honeydew + Pat + Vanilla Ice Cream

In Seorae, besides enjoying the Korean charcoal grill, you can also expect a wide variety of Patbingsoo for desserts. Before ending our tasting session in Seorae, we got to try the ever-popular Patbingsoo (shaved ice dessert) which in our opinion was just like any other shaved ice dessert. They will score better in the visuals rather than its taste.

Bibim Patbingsoo: Fruits + Jelly + Pat + Strawberry Sauce + Vanilla Ice Cream

Personally, we feel that the Bibim Patbingsoo is the cutest Patbingsoo in their menu. It is not a bowl of bibimbap, but a bowl of shaved iced dessert with an unique plating looking like a bowl of rice topped with a sunny side up egg made from vanilla ice cream and peach fruit.

Dongdaemun Patbingsoo: Banana + Pat + Ovaltine + Vanilla Ice Cream
Chungmuro Patbingsoo: Maccha + Cornflakes + Pat + Maccha Ice Cream

Overall, the dishes served in Seorae are enjoyable and worth a try as we had a good grilling experience, though the price tags of its BBQ menu are considered on the higher end, probably because of the location the restaurant is in.

Stay tuned to our social media to find out how you can win Seorae’s dining vouchers worth $50 each. Also, check out Seorae Singapore’s official Facebook page to find out more of the restuarant! (For advance reservations: +65 6238 8429)

Location and Operating Hours
Plaza Singapure, #02-01
Sun to Thurs: 11am to 10pm
Fri to Sat: 11am to 11pm

Article by: RongRong
Photos by: Nicole

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