[K-TRAVEL] An introduction to the Best of Gangnam District, Seoul!

When you hear ‘Gangnam‘, one of the very first things that comes to your mind would be ‘Gangnam Style‘, especially more so for those who have never visited Seoul before.

Having frequented Gangnam several times when I was in Korea, I could say that this place can be considered as the most exclusive neighbourhood in Seoul, covering the up-scale areas of Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Sinsa-dong, and Nonhyun-dong.

Seoul is known as the capital of Korea and Gangnam can be said to be the capital of Seoul. People come to Gangnam to see and be seen, as this district has became known to the heart of shopping, business, and even hallyu, where several top entertainment companies are located. (I will reveal more about this in my next article)

When you step foot in Gangnam, what you’ll not miss are the eye-catching art statues lined up along K-Star Road located near Apgujeong Rodeo Station, where I often see foreign fans like me stopping every now and then to snap a photo with these statues.

Like what its name suggests, K-Star Road features mainly the art statues of Hallyu stars such as SHINee, Girls’ Generation, Super Junior, BTS, EXO, CNBLUE, Miss A, and several others.

If you continue walking along the 400-meter strip and turning left into the alley when you see Block B‘s art statue, it’ll eventually lead you to JYP Entertainment, Cube Entertainment, as well as SM Entertainment, FNC Entertainment, and most recently, Rain Company, which are all located within close proximity.

While finding my way to the CUBE Café, I stumbled upon a guesthouse situated in the middle of these large entertainment agencies, which looked pretty inviting from the outside as it was built with red bricks and the walls are covered with ivy.

This would be a perfect spot or place to stay if I’m one of those international K-Pop fans who dream of catching glimpses of my favourite idols from the top entertainment agencies, I thought.

(Photo: Cheongdam Guesthouse)

I was curious to know more about the guesthouse, being the only one that I spotted in the area, so I went in and later on got introduced to the friendly guesthouse owner and a few other staff who worked there.

By the way, their staff are well-versed in English, Mandarin, Japanese and Korean, so communication was not an issue at all, plus they are all fans of K-Pop so we naturally hit off well!

Located just 5 minutes on foot to the several entertainment agencies, Cheongdam Guesthouse seemed like the perfect location for any K-Pop fans coming to Seoul for Hallyu.

I later learned that the guesthouse is also just 10 minutes away from major concert venues such as the Olympic Park Stadium and COEX.

(Photo: Cheongdam Guesthouse)

The interior of the building was built from log, very Japanese-inspired, giving a comfortable and cozy feeling the moment one steps in.

I was given a tour around the guesthouse and found out that they offered single rooms, twin rooms, dormitory rooms with a common living area, powder room (cool!), washrooms and kitchen on every floor.

(Photo: Cheongdam Guesthouse)

What’s special about Cheongdam Guesthouse is that it is a female-only guesthouse, which doesn’t accept reservations from families or children so that its guests can have a comfortable stay with other like-minded individuals or groups who are also K-Pop fans.

While there are many guesthouses in Seoul for tourists, I have never come across one that is so K-Pop focused and specially catered just for K-Pop fans. (It is very reasonably priced and well maintained for too!)

En-route to the CUBE Café after my new discovery, I think I am pretty much convinced to plan my next stay at Cheongdam Guesthouse, and I’m sure many of you K-Pop fans would too!

Check out their website at http://cdghouse.com/ (Line/Kakao/Wechat ID: Cheongdamstay) or simply follow them on social media (Facebook & Twitter) if you’d like to find out more information about it.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to my next article where I’m going to share more about the entertainment companies as well as some places that are often frequented by the Hallyu stars!

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