[K-TRAVEL/TRAZY] 3 Fun Indoor Activities To Do During Winter In Seoul

Hanji Craft (1)

Traveling to Korea this winter? Stop doodling during your winter break and check out these year-round fun indoor activities that you must try in Seoul, South Korea.

From crafting a one-and-only souvenir with Korean traditional paper ‘Hanji’, to designing your own one-of-a-kind ring and trying on traditional Korean costume, ‘Hanbok’, these 3 unique indoor activities will make the most out of your winter getaways!

Hanji Craft (2)

1. Craft a Special Souvenir with Korean Traditional Paper, ‘Hanji’

Instead of buying a souvenir on the street or from a store, try making one yourself! In the heart of Insa-dong, the traditional district in Seoul, you can experience making a Korean traditional craft with your own hands!

Speaking of ‘Hanji’, it’s an incredibly strong, fibrous paper made from the inner bark of the mulberry tree and the root of hibiscus. Once you try this activity, you will be enamored with the true beauty of Hanji craft.

With the help of the master craftswoman, you will be able to make various kinds of souvenirs such as flower lamp, jewelry box and cubic lamp! Check out more details here.

DIY Ring (1)

2. Design Your Own Custom Ring

Making a DIY custom ring is a popular new trend among young stylish people in Seoul. It became a smash hit after Korean celebrities, Gain and Jo Kwon, made their own matching rings on a reality TV show called ‘We Got Married’. You can choose the size and style of the ring, as well as engrave initials or words. Everything’s up to you!

DIY Ring (2)

Spare one day with your friends, family and your significant one to make rings at a workshop in Hongdae (Hongik University Area). 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

For details and directions, click HERE!

Goguan Studio (1)

3. Traditional Korean Hanbok Experience

Here at Goguan Studio, one of the most popular places to experience the Korean culture and try Korean traditional clothes ‘Hanbok’, you can choose to put on the beautiful Hanbok and hair ornaments that you’ve always seen in Korean dramas and films.

Goguan Studio (2)

In winter, the studio is relatively quieter than summer, so go ahead and pick your favorite Hanbok to try on! You can also enjoy this experience at a reduced price here!

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Go Travel, Go Crazy!

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