[GIVEAWAY] GOT a question for GOT7? Win passes to attend their press conference!


Have you ever imagined how it was like watching GOT7 answer questions in person at a press conference? Well, your chance is here because we managed to squeeze in two passes to GOT7’s press conference in Singapore, thanks to the awesome people at K-Live Sentosa!

Simply tell us in the comment section below to stand a winning opportunity: If you have a chance to ask GOT7 one question, what would it be? Who knows, your question may even be answered personally by the boys!

**Please note that Jackson will not be able to attend the Press Conference & Fan Meet due to health issues. 

WIN exclusive passes to attend GOT7’s press conference in Singapore!
We will be giving away one pass each to 2 lucky fans!

Terms & Conditions
1) Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@HallyuSG) and Instagram (@HallyuSG)
2) Leave a comment under this post with your answer and Twitter/Instagram ID: If you have a chance to ask GOT7 just ONE question, what would it be?
3) Subscribe to our E-Newsletter (HERE) to double up your winning chance!
4) Only one entry per fan or account is permitted.

Contest Period: 20-21st Feb, 10PM (SGT)
*Winner will be announced on our social media handles on 22nd Feb.

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  1. if you could go back to your debut days, what is the one thing you really want to change?

    twitter: _icedtae_
    instagram: keeetay

    (subscribed as well)

  2. If GOT7 will be able to choose a country to stay in for a few months, will Singapore be a choice??
    twitter id: @ifntgot7_bre
    insta id: @pabobreadhawon99

  3. I would love to ask them how do they find singapore like as they’ve been here quite a number of times in such short period.
    Twitter: @oohthreehun
    Instagram: @ooh.jc

  4. Since Jackson is sick, i am curious to know… How do Got7 members take care of the member who is sick?

    Insta : @i_am_kayu
    Twitter : @Karrine_4Js1K

  5. twitter @kyumbaby
    instagram @kyumbaby

    1. if they were to be a superhero, what would that want to be & why?
    2. would they love to live in singapore for a week or so?
    3. would would they date, dump & marry in got7?
    4.do they love ahgases?

  6. Followed both Instagram and Twitter!

    If there is one question I can ask GOT7 it would be:
    “What did they feel when they realise that after all their hard work, they are going to debut?”

    Twitter: @becausebelle
    Instagram: @biaow_lee

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