[COVER] Seo Kang Jun excites Singapore fans at 'Cheese In The Trap' Promotions


Korean heartthrob Seo Kang Jun was eager to meet Singapore fans on his first visit here. At the press conference held prior to his public Meet & Greet session on 19th Feb, Seo Kang Jun was full of nothing but compliments for Singapore, adding that people whom he met here were very kind and he was impressed with the beautiful skyline of the city.


Playing the flamboyant role of Baek In Ho in the drama Cheese In The Trap, Seo Kang Jun revealed that he has a completely opposite personality from that of Baek In Ho, admitting that he is more of an introvert and calm person, while the drama character is wild and unrestrained.


But the actor would sometimes subconsciously behaved like Baek In Ho out of the drama too, as he shared, “I realized I have been swearing a lot when I was with my 5urprise members as we’re all very close to one another. I think my Baek In Ho character is coming out whenever I do things like this.”


On the most memorable scene he filmed, the actor pointed out to the fighting scene (in Episode 12) with ‘Yoo Jung’, played by Park Hae Jin.

In the drama, Baek In Ho and Yoo Jung shared the same age while in reality, these two actors have a 10-year age gap between them. In relation to this, Seo Kang Jun commented that Park Hae Jin was initially concerned about the age difference, but they naturally grew closer to each other through the drama.

“I do agree that I look quite mature for my age. When I’m acting as Baek In Ho, I say a lot of swearing words so we naturally became close friends while acting.”


While Cheese In The Trap continues to receive great popularity among fans, Seo Kang Jun also shared that it was quite pressurising from the beginning as viewers already had high expectations from the original webtoon series.


If he could switch to another role in the drama, the actor would want to take on the character of Kwon Eun Taek, played by Nam Joo Hyuk.

“Eun Taek is so cute in the drama! He has such a pure love towards Bora. If I am a girl, I think I will like him a lot.”


When asked the kind of roles he wish to act in the future, Seo Kang Jun said, “I don’t want to limit myself to any role, though I’d like to try a variety of them, such as playing a vampire… But I’m still young and I think I can still wear school uniform and suit the role of a student well. (laughs)”


Cheese in the Trap is currently airing on VV Drama (StarHub TV Channel 855) every Sunday at 10pm. Make sure you tune in to catch the remaining series!

Article: Meixian
Photos: Nicole

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