[COVER] Park Hae Jin gets upclose and personal with fans in Singapore


Last Sunday (17th April), a massive crowd of over 300 fans managed to catch a glimpse of Korean actor Park Hae Jin at his open press conference held at West Coast Plaza. Many also had the opportunity to personally hand shake or high-five the actor as he stepped down the stage for a closer interaction with fans.

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At the press conference, Park Hae Jin shared about his involvement in the popular tvN drama Cheese In The Trap, revealing that he had a good chemistry working with co-star Kim Go Eun (Hong Seol) and adding that he is open to working with the original webtoon creator again for the movie version of Cheese In The Trap though nothing has been confirmed for now.

On his next film or drama, the actor would like to take on a role that involves more bromance, or even as a bodyguard.


When asked about his most memorable role thus far, Park Hae Jin attributed it to Bad Guys, where he acted as a genius psychopath serial killer in the drama. He also mentioned Cheese In The Trap as an unforgettable drama on a similar scale.

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Finally, the answer that everyone had been waiting for, Park Hae Jin revealed that though he doesn’t have a specific ideal type of girl in mind, he prefers someone who is warm-hearted and can take care of babies well.

He further commented, “I’m quite an introvert person, so I just hope that she would feel cosy and comfortable with me when we are together, like a homely kind of feeling.”

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Article by: Meixian
Photos by: Nicole
Special thanks to: Faith & D Entertainment

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