EXCLUSIVE RELEASE: A date with VIXX in Singapore


With just one more week to VIXX Live Show in Singapore, we are thrilled to start the countdown timer to welcome the boys back to our sunny island again!

If you didn’t already knew, VIXX was in Singapore for their Live Fantasia Utopia concert last year (2015), and the boys had a day off after the concert, where they visited the Universal Studios Singapore for a day of fun activities.

At this point, you must be wondering why there wasn’t any release of ‘VIXX TV’, but instead of pondering, here’s the real surprise you’ve been waiting for! Check out our EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE of a date with VIXX in Singapore!

(Disclaimer: All rights reserved to HallyuSG. DO NOT repost or edit without permission. Change the settings to view the video in HD!)

Catch the boys in Singapore on May 29th and get your tickets to VIXX Live Show in Singapore 2016 HERE!

HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Media Partner for VIXX Live Show in Singapore 2016, organised by Three Angles Production.

Video & Editing: Nicole
Footages of Leo & Hong Bin: Jun Si
Translations: Cynthia
Special Thanks to: Three Angles Production

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