[INTERVIEW] CROSS GENE promises a one of a kind Fan Meet in Singapore


Counting down to ten more days before CROSS GENE’s first ever Fan Meeting in Singapore and we’re all super hyped to catch the boys at MILLIAN SINGAPORE come 18th June!

Recently completed their “Parallel World” Fan Meeting in Korea, CROSS GENE will soon be visiting Singapore to meet their fans and we’re lucky because Singapore will be the only Southeast Asia stop for this tour. With the members all excited to be back, here’s what they’ve got to say in an exclusive email interview with HallyuSG!


It has been awhile since CROSS GENE visited Singapore. Any particular thing that you guys miss about Singapore or would like to try doing when you visit again in June?

We were really happy to know that there were so many fans supporting us in Singapore and we want to meet them again! We also tried chili crabs for the first time previously and they were so delicious! We definitely want to have chili crabs again this time round!

All members are nicknamed after a different ‘GENE’, what’s an interesting story behind each ‘GENE’?


I made my debut in the entertainment industry through a commercial for the Korean cosmetics brand “SKINFOOD”, where my character was a boy with a sparkling smile (laughs). It left quite an impression so the words FRESH and PRECIOUS were joined to get my GENE character.

I feel the happiest when I am performing because our fans are always cheering us on with their smiles. I really love seeing them smile, and we are able to shine because of them. No precious stone will be able to shine unless there is someone to take care of it right? I might be the same. So in order to bring smiles to the faces of our fans, I will do my best as a CROSS GENE member!


At first glance, I may look a little aloof. I am actually really shy around people, but I have a really warm heart. Please believe me. Once you lock eyes with me, it’s dangerous (laughs)! Be careful ok?


*A term used to describe doing something your own way and in your own time.

Since my debut with CROSS GENE, I’ve been told that I usually am the clown of the group. I really love to talk.

Whenever I’m thinking about something quietly, the atmosphere in the room gets really quiet. Once I start talking, it seems like the other members will also start being lively again. Oh, I see! Everyone is adapting to me (laughs)! No wonder things are most fun when I’m around. If anyone is feeling down, I will definitely cheer them up.


When I was still a trainee, I was even more muscular than I am now. I had 10–pack abs and could easily lift someone up. I dreamt of being a weightlifter but I started feeling pain in my hips, so I gave up sports to pursue my interest in music.

Don’t you think WILD CHIC is a perfect name for me? I could probably even lift a fan easily! I’ll show you during the fan meeting!


I have been told I’m naive. Probably. People have said that since I was young. I really love to dance and I hope to touch people’s hearts with my dance.

At any time of the day, there is always a smile on my face so people might think I am an airhead but I believe that if you smile the whole world smiles with you. So everyone, please always have a smile on your face!


I was the last member to join CROSS GENE. I really want my singing voice to be able to convey happiness as well as bring hope and dreams to people. I think that music has the power to transcend borders. I will do my best as a vocalist of CROSS GENE, in order to create miracles for everyone.

Of all the GENEs (characteristics) of the members, is there any one GENE that you admire?

SANGMIN: I want to be MYPACE (YONGSEOK) as I will have the freedom to do anything
TAKUYA: MYPACE (YONGSEOK) as it seems really carefree

Any memorable fan encounter to share?

It was during our first appearance on a music show and our concerts. At the music show, our fans supported us with all they had. They were even louder than us! We were really touched.

It’s the same at our concerts. Their cheers and smiles really help to motivate us every single time. Performing in front of our fans and having fun with them at our concerts is our source of energy.

Is there a place in the world where you discovered you had fans that surprised you?

When we first went to Brazil for a festival, we were worried that people wouldn’t know us and that no one would come and listen to us. However, when we started our performance, many people gathered and about 2000 people came to support us.

There were fans in the audience too, but even those who seeing us for the first time also supported us and it really left an impression. Our fans waved CROSS GENE placards and towels and cheered us on with all their might, and being able to meet them really brought tears to our eyes. We really want to go to all the countries where our fans are. We really want to meet them. That is our goal.

If you could choose the setting location to shoot your next music video, where would be an ideal place and why?

The places we have travelled to will always hold a special place in our hearts, and we always thought that it would be great to shoot something in Singapore too. Especially if it’s for a concept with a futuristic landscape!

We would love to visit beautiful landscapes all around the world to film many videos. For that to happen, we need to have many projects to work on! So please look forward to them.


What song(s) in your albums would you recommend fans to listen to during this season?

Maybe “Sky High”. As it is just the start of summer, “Sky High” is definitely a good pick. Sipping on tropical juice while listening to the song will definitely lift your spirits. A song bursting with energy would definitely match summer’s blue skies!

Play with Me” is also great with its upbeat tempo. It talks about having fun together, perfect for when everyone is enjoying a ball of a time together! It gets everyone on their feet during concerts as well~! When night falls, we recommend listening to “Amazing –Bad Lady–” or “MR. SECRET”.

What is the one thing you would like to try doing at least once in this lifetime?

SEYOUNG: Skinny dipping
SHIN: Taking a trip around the world
TAKUYA: Scuba diving
CASPER: A family trip around the world
SANGMIN: Walking from Seoul to Busan
YONGSEOK: A trip around the world (I want to see more of the world)

Since Singapore will be the only Southeast Asia country that CROSS GENE will be visiting for a fan meeting, what can fans look forward to? Can you drop us a spoiler/teaser?

For the first half of the event, we’ve prepared games that fans can also take part in. We will not only talk during the session but have also thought of how to have fun together with the fans so please look forward to that! Through the games, we hope fans will have a chance to see our fun side and that we will get to know more about our fans too.

We’ll be holding our fan meeting in Japan, Korea and Singapore but the content of each event will differ slightly, so fans in Singapore can be assured that the fan meeting will be a one of a kind.

The second half of the event will be us performing several songs. We have prepared extensively for the performance so we look forward to spending a special day with all our fans. Come play with us~

Any special message to Singapore fans?

We first visited Singapore in 2014, where we met a lot of wonderful fans! For our fan meeting this time, we want fans to know more about us, and we also want to get to know all of our fans.

As we might not have the chance to come to Singapore frequently, this fan meeting live is really important to us! We’re going to enjoy ourselves to the max, so let’s all have fun together!

CROSS GENE Fan Meeting Live 2016 ‘Parallel World’ in Singapore will be happening on June 18th at MILLIAN SINGAPORE, St James Power Station. For more details of the fan meet, visit http://wp.me/p42RPy-1Yl and follow Amuse Inc. Asia HERE!

Watch this space as we will be giving away tickets to CROSS GENE’s Fanmeeting in Singapore very soon! Find out more about the CROSS GENE members HERE!

HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Media for this Fanmeeting. Stay tuned to us for the latest updates!

(Photos: Amuse Inc. Asia)

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