[COVER] A Yearly Affair with VIXX for Singapore ST☆RLIGHTS


Almost a month from VIXX Live Show in Singapore 2016, but songs by the boy band are still looping on our daily music playlist as we reminisce the highlights that took place at their Singapore show.

May 29th was definitely a special date for Singapore ST☆RLIGHTS to remember as exactly a year after their Live Fantasia Utopia concert in Singapore 2015, VIXX returned to Singapore with even more powerful and exhilarating performances.


The concert started with an introduction of some of their hit tracks such as ‘Chained Up‘, ‘Voodoo Doll‘ and ‘Beautiful Killer‘.

Photo 29-5-16, 7 40 59 PM

While the boys took a break from performances, fans were treated to a series of photos taken by the members themselves. N revealed a photo of himself and his parents, sharing that they had spent some quality time together along the Han River during his break. Not forgetting the fans, he also invited Singapore ST☆RLIGHTS for a date at Hangang Park with him next time.


The boys then moved on to light-hearted songs like ‘Can’t Say‘, ‘Say U Say Me‘, ‘Stop it Girl‘ and ‘B.O.D.Y‘.


During the Q&A session, Hongbin shared that during their free time, the members would head out and watch movies together. He added that he usually spends time playing basketball with his friends.

When asked if they have any places in mind to visit in Singapore, N answered that he would like to go Orchard Road with the members and take lots of photos together. Hongbin further added that he want to visit Universal Studios Singapore (USS) again to try on all the roller coaster rides.

Click here and check out our exclusive footage of VIXX at USS last year!


Continuing with a memorable performance of ‘Love Letter‘, a special fan project was prepared by ST☆RLIGHTS to show their appreciation and love for the boys, where fans were seen holding on to banners that read ‘Thank you for meeting us again (다시 만나줘서 고마워)’.


During the encore stage, the boys were seen holding on to the fan-made banners while moving around the stage to get a closer interaction with all the fans. Ken also summed up the show with a sweet confession to all Singapore ST☆RLIGHTS saying, “Thank you ST☆RLIGHTS! We love you!”

It was definitely a special night to remember on May 29th.

VIXX Live Show in Singapore 2016 was brought to you by Three Angles Production and HallyuSG is proud to be the Official Supporting Online Media Partner for the event.

Article by: RongRong
Photos by: Meixian & RongRong

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