[COVER] GOT7 holds press conference ahead of “FLY in SINGAPORE” solo concert

GOT7 are back in town for their first solo concert, “FLY in SINGAPORE”! A day ahead of the concert day, the boy band held an open press conference on 23 June 2016 at City Square Mall filled with enthusiastic Ahgases (GOT7’s fanclub name) cheering them on as they discussed the FLY tour, their brotherhood and how they feel about coming back to Singapore.

The members expressed much excitement in coming to Singapore as part of their FLY global tour. Said BamBam, “We feel really good that we’re gonna have our first concert in Singapore. We’re really honoured and can’t wait to meet our fans tomorrow real quick.”

Youngjae added that he was also really glad to have their first solo concert in Singapore and expressed his desire to visit Singapore more often with the members in the near future so that they could meet all their Singaporean fans and be able to communicate more with them.

As the FLY tour marks GOT7’s first solo concert tour, many fans are curious about the performances GOT7 have prepared. JB revealed that they prepared many songs and surprises for fans going to the concert but kept the anticipation high when he stopped at “it’s a secret” for now.

Jackson teasingly revealed that “there are a lot of special stages, you’re not gonna know if you don’t come!”

While the members usually show their hardworking side to fans, fans were also curious about what the members do in their free time. When asked about their hobbies, JB said he enjoys cycling when he has the time, and Junior mentioned that he works out and works on songs for the next album in his free time.

Yugyeom answered that he practices and Jackson then egged Yugyeom to show fans a little snippet of the R&B song that he’s been practicing lately. After Yugyeom’s impressive live ad-lib, Jackson and Bambam gave a standing ovation as his proud teammates, showing their loving support for each other.

The 7 members of GOT7 hail from not just Korea but also Hong Kong, USA and Thailand, proving that their strong brotherhood transcends their different cultures and backgrounds. When asked if they have any methods to become closer, they answered that they’re already so close to one another that they don’t need any special methods to get closer.

BamBam and Jackson are currently appearing on the new season of SBS Real Men, a variety show following celebrities as they experience Korean military life.

Jackson mentioned that he hopes all 7 members can appear on Real Men together and teasingly revealed that the hardest part of filming Real Men was having to take care of BamBam, but BamBam countered that he was the one who helped Jackson, arousing much laughter and cheers from the fans. Looks like fans are going to have to catch the next few episodes of Real Men to find out the truth for themselves!

When asked about Singapore, BamBam shared that he would like to visit here again for his next vacation and Jackson even added that he wants to live in Singapore.

It seems like we might be able to catch GOT7 back in town again really soon? But first, don’t miss their concert happening TONIGHT at 8PM, at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre. Tickets are still available on APACTIX so make sure you catch GOT7 on stage!

Be sure to stay tuned to us closely for the live updates on #FLYinSingapore tonight!

Article: Cynthia
Photos: Nicole

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