[K-MOVIE] 'The Handmaiden' to premiere in Singapore this July


Come 7 July 2016, look forward to the upcoming premiere of a Korean erotic thriller movie, ‘The Handmaiden’. The movie follows a con man, Count Fujiwara (Ha Jung-woo), who hires a pickpocket named Sook-hee (Kim Tae-ri) to become the maid of a mysterious and fragile heiress Lady Hideko (Kim Min Hee), in an attempt to seize her wealth. But the story takes a twist when the lady falls in love with her maid…

‘The Handmaiden’ stars Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Tae-ri, Jo Jin-woong, and is directed by Park Chan-wook, one of the most acclaimed and popular filmmakers in Korea. The film has set a new record in its opening week with 1.8 million viewers in Korea, making it the No.1 rated-R film with the most opening week viewers.


Title: The Handmaiden
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Starring: Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo, Kim Tae-ri, Jo Jin-woong
Directed by: Park Chan-wook
Running Time: 145 mins
Singapore Release Date: 7 July 2016
Language: Korean and Japanese with English and Chinese subtitles

Check out the official movie trailer above and follow us on our social media to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to The Handmaiden special screening taking place at Shaw Theatres Lido on 4th July 2016!

This article is brought to you by Shaw Organisation Asian Films.

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