[K-MOVIE] The Hunt for 'Bounty Hunters' begins 14 July

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Starring Korean star Lee Min-Ho, Hong Kong actors Wallace Chung, Karena Ng, Louis Fan, and Chinese actors Tiffany Tang and Jeremy Jones Xu, Bounty Hunters is an action comedy about the work of bounty hunters – people who catch fugitives for cash rewards.

Ex-Interpol agents Lee Shan (Lee Min-Ho) and Ayo (Wallace Chung) who were framed for bombing a hotel, join hands with the legendary bounty hunter Cat (Tiffany Tang) and her team to find the real bomber. However during their mission, three bounty hunters were kidnapped, leaving Lee Shan and Ayo on their own to complete the mission.

Will the bounty hunters complete their mission?


Title: Bounty Hunters (赏金猎人)
Genre: Action/Comedy
Starring: Lee Min-Ho, Tiffany Tang, Wallace Chung, Karena Ng, Louis Fan, Jeremy Jones Xu
Directed by: Terra Shin
Singapore Release Date: 14 July 2016

Check out the official movie trailer above and follow us on our social media to find out how you can win a pair of tickets to Bounty Hunters special screening taking place at Shaw Theatres Lido on 12th July 2016!

This article is brought to you by Shaw Organisation Asian Films.

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