[Food Review] Enjoy Exquisite Ethnic Flavors at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa!

Drawing inspiration from global ethnic cuisines, Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa came up with a new menu called the “Smoke, Fire & Spice” that will allow you to pair different types of meat with an assortment of specialty rubs, spices and seasonings!

The choices of meats are prawns, pork, beef and chicken, all served and grilled Fajita-style. There are also six different sauces to choose from, Kalbi (Korea), Charmoula (North Africa), Barbocoa (Mexico), Yakitori (Japan), Piri Piri (South Africa) and Harissa (Morocco).

Each set comes with pita bread, sesame slaw, Monterey Jack cheese and roasted vegetables on the side, and we recommend that you don’t skimp on the cheese!

The beef was served with Barbocoa sauce, the mingling flavors of lime, onions and chipotle peppers matched the robust taste of grilled beef excellently. When stuffed into the pita bread and smothered in cheese, each bite felt sensational and irresistible!

The shrimp skillets were doused in Piri Piri sauce, and the tangy and spicy flavors complemented it impeccably, making it the definite favorite. Chili lovers will love this, and also have a taste of a unique mix of peppers inspired by South African flavors.

The grilled pork was rather ordinary compared to the rest, and more on the tough side to chew on. However the rich Kalbi sauce coupled with pork enhanced its flavor, with the sweetness shining through and the sesame seeds elevating the taste.

As for the final meat, chicken, they were cleverly paired with Harissa sauce, which introduced the delicious and spicy taste of Morocco! All of the skillets also rest on a colorful bed of soft and juicy peppers with onions, which goes extremely well with the proteins.

Other than the Smoke, Fire & Spice menu, there are other scrumptious dishes available at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa too, such as the finger-licking good Nachos!

Layered and slotted with generous blankets of cheese with an angelic scoop of sour cream on top, every nacho picked up disappeared within a flash! Don’t forget the cheese pull too!

Another delicious snack is the classic Singaporean chili crab sauce with pan-fried steamed buns. The skillfully concocted sauce will flood you with the flavor of what all chili crabs should taste like, and we couldn’t help but drown every bite of the buns with it!

If you’re looking to try out different ethnic tastes from various countries, this menu will definitely not let you down, as it features many sauces that are difficult to come across in Singapore. Moreover, the set comes with a serious amount of Monterey Jack cheese for you to indulge in, and there are many more exquisite sauces and combinations to try out!

The new and limited-time only Smoke, Fire & Spice menu will only be available at Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa from 1st August till 30th September 2016, so don’t miss out on the global ethnic experience!

Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa
Address: #01-209 Resorts World Sentosa, 26 Sentosa Gateway, S098269
Operating Hours: Restaurant – 11am to 1am daily (Last food order: 10:30pm)
Reservations: +65 6795 7454

Article: Jonan
Photos: Nicole

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