[COVER] Xander Makes A Return For Angel Algovital

It was a small and cosy affair, with only a handful of fans inside the shop with Xander (Alexander Eusebio), whom recently returned to Singapore where he had an intimate meet and greet session with his fans at RÉVOLTE x SHE SHOPS, as well as introduced the facial products from Angel Algovital.

Xander started off the fan meet by telling fans not to be shy and talk to him freely in an easygoing manner, which made the session a very casual and comfortable experience. He confided to fans that he was going through some difficult times recently due to the stress of schooling and his hectic schedule.

Afterwards, the star introduced fans to a range of Angel Algovital products, which he endorses. He also gave advice on how and when to apply such products to make it more effective. The pure essence is also one of his favourite products, which he says nourishes his skin from the inside and works well.

During the Q&A session, a fan asked Xander about his favourite scene in Moorim School, a drama in which he starred in earlier this year. He answered that he enjoyed the exam scene the most, which took 2 days of filming to complete.

The humble star also added that it was really fun acting with the cast and being part of a group again, which made his acting experience memorable and enjoyable.

Towards the end of the Q&A, Xander confessed his enthusiasm for one of the current hit games Pokemon GO, and told the fans that he would be playing it often in Singapore. Looks like you’d be able to catch him on the streets playing the game if you’re lucky enough! (That’s if he is in Singapore, of course) 😉

Article by: Jonan
Photos by: RongRong

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