[COVER/INTERVIEW] DΞΔN Describes His Singapore Fans as "Passionate"

Rising Korean R&B singer-songwriter and producer DΞΔN was recently in town to promote his debut EP 130 mood : TRBL and met with fans at Square 2 for his first ever autograph session in Singapore.

It was DΞΔN’s first visit here and he thanked Singapore fans for coming down to see him, describing them as “passionate”. When asked if he has tried any local delicacies, he mentioned that he had Dim Sum the night before and it was really delicious.

DΞΔN’s favourite song from the EP was 21, which Singapore fans resoundingly agreed with. When asked when he would be performing for Singapore fans, the singer delighted fans by announcing a surprise live performance of 4 songs: Put My Hands On You, 21, I’m Not Sorry and D (Half Moon).

During a small group interview session with us, DΞΔN also shared his thoughts about working with other artists as well as upcoming collaborations that he’s looking forward to.

Check out our video below for DΞΔN’s interview!

Article & Video Translations: Cynthia
Photos & Video Editing: Nicole
Special thanks to: Universal Music Singapore Regional 

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