[Food Review] Guiltless Pleasures With Hard Rock Cafe's New Vegetarian Menu!

Hard Rock Cafe is introducing its limited-time vegetarian menu from 1st to 31st October, featuring refreshing salads, delicious veggie patty burgers and intriguing vegetable cocktails that make for a great combination.

Whether you’re a vegetarian or not, we guarantee that you’d be sure to fall in love with some of these delicious and healthy flavours!

When we first heard of the dish named Cauliflower “Wings”, we had no idea what kind of dish it was. Is it wings or cauliflower? Turns out that this dish is actually Buffalo-style cauliflower served with immaculate bleu cheese sauce, crunchy celery and carrot sticks.

It’s an uncommon experience to eat fried cauliflower, but the crispy batter goes unexpectedly great with it, making for an impeccable combo with the bleu cheese sauce.

If you want to go for the greens, the Pico de Gallo Quinoa Arugula Salad is a dish to look out for, consisting a fresh mix of countless ingredients that complement each other well, making every bite a refreshing, tangy relish. Not forgetting to mention, the citrus vinaigrette sprinkled over the salad really stood out and enhanced the taste of the dish.

Another salad available on the menu is the Feta & Fig Salad, which contains fresh figs, pine nuts and feta cheese. The cheese is the hero of the dish, and goes really well with the juicy figs and raspberry chipotle vinaigrette!

For the health-conscious, we recommend the Seared Corn and Green Bean Wrap which tastes exquisite with spiced yoghurt, overflowing with grilled green beans, roasted corn and black beans. The texture of every bite is uplifted by the fragrant rice in the wrap!

Another dish to try would be the Grilled Ratatouille Wrap chock full of juicy vegetables, topped with irresistible Sriracha mayonnaise and made slick with olive oil. Every bite is a burst of flavours, enveloped by seasoned grilled flour tortilla.

Looks definitely can be deceiving, anyone might guess that the vegetarian burgers on the menu are simply normal meat patty burgers with your usual toppings, but the secret lies within the patties.

The Quinoa Burger contains a quinoa patty ingeniously wrapped in cheddar cheese and grilled to perfection. At first bite it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from a minced beef patty, and the portobello mushrooms, red onion and egg mask its true identity. The burger also contains pecans, barley and breadcrumbs, enhancing the flavour and texture of each mouthful you take. Undoubtedly one of our favourites from the vegetarian menu!

There’s also the  Cauliflower Burger which contains two different types of cheese – goat cheese and Monterey Jack cheese, definitely a must-try for cheese lovers! The patty also tastes scrumptious with minced cauliflower fried in a tasty batter. The ingredients within this burger was made through a meticulous amalgamation of vegetables and flavours that complement each other well, such as the garlic aioli with zucchini and arugula.

Food aside, the vegetarian menu also offers a slew of interesting and delectable cocktails, such as the Bell Pepper Martini that tastes strongly of bell peppers, with a mixture of lemon and grapefruit juice with a well-calculated splash of Hendricks Gin.

The Very Veggie ‘Tini contains mint and lime juice shaken with Greek yogurt and Tito’s Handmade Vodka, an appetising concoction complemented by an adorable stick of red onion in the drink itself.

The Beet Orange Ginger Juice (left) makes for a really unique drink rarely seen anywhere, with an overpowering taste of ginger and the soothing undertones of orange and beet. This drink is also the only alcohol-free drink on the vegetarian menu.

The Wascally Wabbit (right) contains a mix of Domaine de Canton Ginger Liquor, carrot juice, apple juice and garnished with a mint sprig. As mischievous as the name sounds, so does the taste of the drink. The inviting bright orange visuals, delicious mix of carrot and apple, complete with playful mixes of alcohol makes for an amazing cocktail.

No meal is complete without desserts. End your meal with a classic and irresistible brownie with a mountain of ice-cream topped with whipped cream, which is not part of the vegetarian menu but still one of the best ways to end any kind of meal!

Be sure to check out the exclusive Hard Rock Cafe Vegetarian Menu that will be available from Saturday, October 1st through Monday, October 31st, 2016.

Hard Rock Cafe Singapore
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Hard Rock Cafe Sentosa
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Article: Jonan
Photos: Nicole

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