[COVER] Actress Kim So Hyun Charms Fans At First Meet & Greet In Singapore


Dressed in an elegant blue dress for her closed door press conference, Korea’s up and coming young actress Kim So Hyun was in town to promote her recent drama Bring It On, Ghost, where she starred alongside 2PM member Ok Taec-yeon and shared several intimate scenes with him in the series.


The 17-year old actress confessed that it was rather challenging for her to express her cuteness (“aegyo”) in the drama as she rarely do so in reality. She also commented about her first kissing scene with Taec-yeon, revealing that “it was not particularly as difficult as I thought it would be as not a lot of emotions were involved in this scene because the kiss did not derive from love between the characters”.


Though she’s only 17 this year, Kim So Hyun holds big ambitions in her acting career and wants to be a more versatile actress in her future projects. The humble actress hopes to take on a role in a romantic comedy in the near future when she turns 20 in Korean age, an age that she feels is ideal for such a role.


At her first Meet & Greet session in Singapore, Kim So Hyun was greeted with roaring cheers from fans at Plaza Singapura, as she took the stage to share her filming experience in Bring It On, Ghost and later played some stage games with a handful of lucky fans. She added that she had a great chemistry with Taec-yeon in the drama as he is full of energy and has a cheerful personality that makes the filming process enjoyable.


Following with her plans for the remaining quarter of 2016, Kim So Hyun revealed that she’s currently focusing on her cameo appearance in an upcoming fantasy drama, Goblin. She also wishes to spend more time with her family and close ones, and hopes to return to Singapore for more fan meets in the near future.

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Article By: Meixian
Photos By: Nicole

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