[Food Review] Eat clean with Open Door Policy's Gluten and Dairy-Free Menu!


[Review] If you’re looking for a unique and delectable fuss-free dining experience, Open Door Policy (ODP)‘s doors are wide open just for you! They offer contemporary gluten- and dairy-free dishes for diners who either have gluten- and dairy-intolerances and allergies, or who simply want to eat in a sustainable, healthy way.


The humorous and amiable Executive Chef Ryan Clift uses various skills in gastronomy to whip up gluten- and dairy-free dishes with enhanced flavours to suit each guest’s palate.

The Celery and Almond Soup, served with grilled Hokkaido scallop and cauliflower makes for an exciting appetiser to start off the meal. The soup has a great foamy texture, and a slight hint of almond while the scallops are grilled to perfection, and the soup doesn’t overpower the scallops’ flavour at all, but rather complements it.

We also recommend dipping some pita bread into the soup, which comes so soft that you can gently tease them apart.


The Slow-Cooked Celeriac is a mix of delicious sweet and salty flavours, the tender celeriac and irresistible smoky bacon. The celeriac was also topped with the savoury flavours of swiss cured ham “Speck”, which bursts in your mouth and drenches it in flavour.


One of our favourites, the Quinoa Salad contains fermented root vegetables such as carrots and turnips, hidden under garlic soil, quinoa and garden herbs. Visually exquisite, the dish resembles a mini garden, hiding scrumptious vegetables waiting for harvest. The earthy taste of the garlic soil and quinoa really brings the flavours together, each vegetable offering a different experience of taste.


Moving on to the mains, the Vegan Maccheroni Pasta is ODP’s own take on a Mac & Cheese, using only diced and dehydrated portobello mushrooms to cook the bolognese sauce. The “cheese” is made with dairy- gluten-free ingredients such as nutmeg and inactive yeast. The sauce was impeccably concocted, doubled with delicious “cheese”, it definitely won’t lose to any other mac & cheese dishes out there.


We also had the King Crab Orecchiette which contains saffron and corn sauce, topped with generous amounts of sugar snap peas and fresh basil. The dish certainly tasted royal, with sweet chunks of king crab meat complementing the earthy pea flavours of the dish.


Served on a bed of nutty chickpeas casserole and banana shallots, the Pan-Seared Crispy Quail is indeed a dish you should not miss out on, not forgetting the crunchy shallots and tasty chickpeas that make up the unique taste of the dish.


For meat lovers, the Braised Veal Ossobuco may be your type of dish, an extremely delicious and tender piece of veal that simply breaks apart in your mouth with minimal effort, mixing with the smooth carrot risotto that is bursting with flavours of paprika and watercress.


On to the desserts, a must-have after every meal! Why Sundae isn’t like your typical ice-cream on a brownie dessert dish, it’s actually soy and palm sugar gelato with peanut butter brittle and honeycomb. It’s served on a gluten- and dairy-free brownie and chocolate custard, so every bite is magnificently scrumptious and a little less guilty.


The Dates & Walnuts Cheesecake is perfect for nut-lovers, as the cheesecake is made with walnut milk semi-frozen style, and the base is also made with dates and walnuts. The dessert is paired with apple slices, which complements the taste of the walnuts really well.


ODP also creates their very own Light Almond Milk Custard, a mellow almond panna cotta served with poached strawberries, a tangy strawberry sorbet and a chocolate tuille. The dessert is also sprinkled with sliced mint leaves, making the overall taste even lighter. The flavours of almond and the sorbet came beautifully together, and not at the expense of the original fruity taste of strawberries!

If you’re looking for a restaurant to chill and hang out after work or simply to eat healthy and clean, ODP’s the place for you.

Open Door Policy (ODP)
Address: 19 Yong Siak Street (Yong Siak View), S168650
Operating Hours: (Closed on Tuesdays) Lunch 12pm-3pm / Dinner 6pm-11pm / (Sat & Sun) Brunch 11am-4pm
Reservations: +65 6221 9307

Article: Jonan
Photos: Nicole

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