[COVER] Lee Jong Suk Serenades Fans at First Solo Fan Meeting in Singapore

Actor Lee Jong Suk was in town last weekend to meet fans at his first Fan Meeting in Singapore “Variety”, where he shared about his latest hit drama “W – Two Worlds”, his closest celebrity buddies and future plans during the media conference.

It was Lee Jong Suk’s first visit to Singapore and the actor revealed that he had initially wanted to extend his stay for a day or two, but due to his tight filming schedule he was unable to stay longer. He made a promise, however, to definitely try Singapore’s famed Chili Crabs, as recommended by his manager.

When asked about the filming process of “W – Two Worlds”, Lee Jong Suk mentioned that filming was done in summer under an extremely hot weather and it was hard for him as he perspired a lot while shooting for the drama.

The actor also names Yoon Kyun Sang and Kim Woo Bin as the celebrities whom he often keeps in touch with despite their busy schedules. He further revealed that he has made plans to meet up with Kim Woo Bin for a meal after his Singapore schedule.

When asked about his plans for 2017, Lee Jong Suk answered mysteriously that he’s “someone who takes each day as it comes and doesn’t know what will happen tomorrow”, so he doesn’t have any specific plans for the upcoming year yet. Towards the end of the year, he will be focusing on filming for his new movie “VIP”.

Photo: YG Entertainment

During the Fan Meeting that was held at Megabox Convention Center, Lee Jong Suk met with adoring fans for an hour and a half, and even got up close with four lucky female fans. Like a rom-com leading man, the charming actor gave these lucky fans a back hug, a shoulder massage, a cute selfie opportunity and even a sweet serenade respectively!

At the end of the Fan Meeting, Lee Jong Suk expressed his gratitude to everyone who came to see him despite the bad weather and lamented that he didn’t know why he waited so long to come to Singapore, making a promise that he would definitely return again in the near future.

Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting “Variety” in Singapore was brought to you by IME Singapore and covered by HallyuSG.

Article & Photos: Cynthia

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