[COVER] tvN's Entourage Brings Seo Kang Jun and Lee Dong Hwi to Singapore


Actors Seo Kang Jun and Lee Dong Hwi of tvN’s new ensemble drama, Entourage, were in Singapore recently for the promotions of the star-studded drama that they were starring in alongside three other main characters, Cho Jin Woong, Lee Kwang Soo and Park Jung Min.

Ahead of the Entourage public Meet and Greet session at Bugis Square, Seo Kang Jun and Lee Dong Hwi held a closed door press conference at Resorts World Sentosa where they answered questions about the filming experience, best scene in the drama and why it is a must-watch TV series for all.


It was Seo Kang Jun’s second time back in Singapore and he mentioned that he felt good to be back as he had a memorable time from his last visit for Cheese in the Trap promotions earlier this year. This trip marked Lee Dong Hwi’s first visit to Singapore and the actor expressed that Singapore was really clean and beautiful.

Both actors agreed that the Entourage cast members are really close like a family, which made the filming process very much enjoyable. Lee Dong Hwi further commented that he might never have a filming experience like this again with such a close cast.  The chemistry between the five main characters was also mentioned as one of the reasons that makes Entourage a must-watch TV series.


As much of the drama filming took place out of Seoul – in Seo Kang Jun’s character Cha Young Bin’s hometown Busan – the actors had the opportunity to tour around Busan and made many good memories together.

When asked about the most memorable scene in Entourage for them, both actors expressed without a doubt that it was the scene where Lee Kwang Soo’s character, Cha Joon, punches a burger. Seo Kang Jun even added that it was the funniest moment in 2016 for him, which definitely sounds like a scene to look forward to! A memorable scene for Lee Dong Hwi was when he was required to film in the pouring rain, which led to him catching a cold later on.


About the similarities between the actors and their characters in Entourage, Seo Kang Jun expressed that he doesn’t feel similar to his drama character Cha Young Bin at all, but if he had to pick one, the most similar point between them would be the easy going personality. Lee Dong Hwi also feels that he’s quite the opposite of his character Turtle, who relies on his friends a lot, adding that he is quite independent in real life.


Two reasons that make Entourage a must-watch drama are that it shows the inner workings of the Korean entertainment industry, and the chemistry between the five main characters. Looks like Entourage is a drama that can’t be missed if you’re a K-Drama fan who loves stories about show business and bromance!

Be sure to catch Entourage on tvN (Singtel TV 518 HD / Channel 619 HD / StarHub TV Channel 824 HD) every Monday and Tuesday at 9.15pm (SGT)!

Entourage Media Conference in Singapore was brought to you by tvN Asia and covered by HallyuSG.

Article: Cynthia
Photos: Nicole

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