[COVER] Akdong Musician Left Fans In Awe At First Showcase In Singapore

YG Entertainment’s sibling duo Akdong Musician, more affectionately known as AKMU, was in town yesterday for their first ever showcase “AKMU STUDIO” that left all fans in awe. Visiting Singapore for the first time, Lee Suhyun said that the Singapore showcase held a special meaning to them and added that she had been counting down to this day for weeks.

Her brother, Lee Chanhyuk, revealed that they have been traveling quite a bit for their tours and showcases, so it was really nice being able to pick up new languages such as Mandarin and English to communicate with their fans, emphasising that Suhyun was a fast learner but only good at the pronunciations.

Bringing their very own live band to perform together, AKMU kicked off the showcase with an upbeat performance of ‘How People Move‘, followed by ‘Is It Ramen?‘, one of the hit tracks from their KPOPSTAR Season 2 days.

The sibling duo harmonised so beautifully with each other that it gave fans the goosebumps as they performed to all-time favourite tracks like ‘RE-BYE‘, ‘Melted‘ and ‘Give Love‘, to name a few. They also sang their own renditions of Jason Mraz’ ‘Lucky‘ and Taeyang’s ‘Eyes, Nose, Lips‘, much to the delight of fans.

With their upcoming full album [WINTER] slated for release on 3rd January 2017, Suhyun dropped hints that it would be one of the best releases they’ve ever released and added that they have been working extremely hard for this album, hoping that fans would look forward to its release as much as they do.

Ending the showcase with a satisfying performance of ‘200%‘ and jaw-dropping encore stages of ‘How People Move‘ and ‘Artificial Grass‘, AKMU made a promise with Singapore fans to return again for another showcase or concert in the near future, and assured that they “will be back again very soon”.

Stay tuned and keep a lookout on this space for our exclusive interview with Akdong Musician (AKMU) where the sibling duo shared with us more insights into their daily lives!

AKMU STUDIO in Singapore was brought to you by IME Singapore, supported by Three Angles Production, and covered by HallyuSG.

Article By: Meixian
Photos By: Nicole

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