[COVER] DAY6 Promised Fans That 2017 Will Be The Greatest Year For Them

DAY6 returned to Singapore a year later with better music, a larger fanbase and more humour, as the five-member band got up-close and personal with fans at their [Daydream] Fan Meeting in town yesterday.

Taking to stage with upbeat performances that fired up the crowd, DAY6 kicked off their Fan Meeting with ‘Blood‘ and ‘Like That Sun‘, followed by a segment where the members took turns to grant various requests from fans, such as a dance by Young K, a rap by Jae and Wonpil, a song by Dowoon, and a cute display of affection (“aegyo”) by Sungjin and Dowoon.

When asked about their plans for a comeback, the boys did not reveal much hints about the type of song genre or concept they have in mind, but promised that 2017 will be the greatest year for them and asked fans to look forward to a better DAY6 in the coming year.

DAY6 continued to bring out the new high with hit tracks ‘First Time‘, ‘Congratulations‘ and more, while fans echoed and cheered on with the fanchants. There was also a segment where the members invited lucky fans to join them on stage to compete in a song guessing game.

Singing their hearts out to ‘Letting Go‘, the title track from their [Daydream] EP released earlier this year, DAY6 had everyone waving their lightsticks and singing along to the chorus before they wrapped up the Fan Meeting with a satisfying jam to ‘Hunt‘ and ‘Freely‘ as their final encore stages.

Making sure that fans would go home with a memorable show, the boys decided to include a hi-touch and photo opportunity for all Cat 1 VIP ticket holders (instead of just one option), much to the delight and excitement of fans.

Although we do not know what’s in store for the fans in the coming year, it does looks like we’ll have something to look forward to in 2017, just like what the boys have promised!  🙂

DAY6 Fan Meeting in Singapore 2016 – Daydream was organised by Three Angles Production and supported by IME SingaporeHallyuSG was proud to be the Official Supporting Online Media Partner for this event.

Article & Photos By: Meixian

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