[COVER] GOT7 Promises A Bigger Concert in Singapore Next Year

GOT7’s Flight Log: Turbulence in Singapore was brightly lit, with almost a full house at their Fan Meet last Sunday. Members were in good spirits, fans were excited, and the show kicked off with explosive cheers and screams for GOT7 as they made their appearance on stage.

During the Fan Meet, Mark was excited to share about Jackson‘s recent awards at 2016 Tencent Star Awards which was held in Beijing, China a day prior to their Singapore show, where the latter brought home the title of “Star Variety” and “Top Variety Show” for his role in Chinese variety program ‘Go Fridge’.

Members also took the chance to congratulate Jackson with a cake brought out from the backstage. On his awards, the star of the day thanked his fellow members for their words of encouragements and helping him get to where he is today, revealing that he has zero sense of variety at all during his trainee days.

The Fan Meet continued with several games and up-close interactions with fans, including fans requesting JB to make a cute display of affection (“aegyo”) which he seldom shows, as well as BamBam to dance along to the chorus of ‘TT’ by TWICE.

The main highlight of the Fan Meet went to the live performances of GOT7’s hit tracks such as “FLY“, “If You Do” and their latest title song “Hard Carry“, as fans screamed for more after each performance.

Towards the end of the Fan Meet, members took turns to thank Singapore I GOT7s for attending their Flight Log: Turbulence show and BamBam further added that they will try their best to return for a bigger scale concert than the previous one, and he hoped that fans will wait for their return.

Jinyoung also thanked fans for the love and support for GOT7, saying that he felt really blessed to be a part of GOT7 and attributing their success to I GOT7s.

GOT7 “Flight Log: Turbulence” in Singapore 2016 was organised by Three Angles Production and IME Singapore. HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Supporting Online Media Partner for this event.

Article By: Meixian
Photos By: Nicole

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