[Food Review] 'Descendants Of The Sun' Cafe, Dal.Komm Coffee Hits Singapore


Dal.komm Coffee has just launched their first flagship store in Singapore and aims to be a trendy hangout in town with the integration of music as a core theme in its lifestyle cafe concept. The cafe is well-known for being the cafe where the hit drama Descendants of the Sun (and recently, Goblin) filmed some of their scenes in South Korea, however they should also be known for their delicious drinks!


The Honey Grapefruit drink was actually featured in the drama Descendants of the Sun, where actor Song Joong Ki was seen picking pieces of grapefruit from the drink and eating them! The drink itself is well-balanced, a tasty amalgamation of sweet and sour with the honey and grapefruit, but the overall taste of the drink is not too outstanding.


The Strawberry Cube contains fresh and frozen strawberries crushed and piled on top of iced milk. While it tastes more ordinary than not, the frozen strawberries enhances the overall texture of the drink, rolling and melting inside of your mouth while the milk washes it down.


The cafe also serves Mojito Black Vitali-Tea (Hot), which is perfect for a chill, rainy day. The solid flavors of apple and lemon are complemented with the vibrant flavors of lemongrass and mint, playing on the tip of your tongue for a refreshing respite.


One of the must-try drinks would be the Sweet Potato Latte! As strange as the name might sound, this latte was definitely the hero out of all the drinks we tried. It was extremely delicious, every sip leading to another, then escalating into gulps!

The delectable drink is a milk-based beverage infused with dehydrated sweet potato powder. The smooth and thick texture of the drink will instill a cozy and reassuring warmth within you while the aromatic flavors of sweet potato swirls in your mouth.


Moving on to some of the pastries offered there, the Injeolmi Toast is filled with Korean rice cakes and red bean paste, coated with soybean powder and honey. Biting into the crispy toast, the soft rice cakes meets the mouth for a delightful change of texture. The combined taste of the dish is less outstanding, but it is a reliable snack to stop your hunger pangs!


If you’re a Matcha lover, you can try the Cruffin Matcha, dal.komm’s take on of a ‘croissant-muffin’, a pastry topped with matcha curd, whipped cream and honey. Though the matcha is less prominent in the taste, the pastry overpowers with a firm texture, making it an enjoyable snack on the overall.


The cafe also serves the Cherry Tomato Bingsu, an exquisite version of the Korean dessert Bingsu. It is a humble combination of just shaved ice with sweetened milk sauce, cherry tomatoes and plum powder, but packs a punch of flavor. It is slightly sweet, and very refreshing. This dessert is definitely more for adventurous Bingsu-lovers or tomato-lovers.


Fans of K-drama Descendants of the Sun will be thrilled to see the brand’s iconic plushies which were also featured on the show itself! Don’t forget to snap a picture with them, or even buy them home if you’re a big fan of the drama!

Getting To Dal.komm Coffee
Address: The Centrepoint, 176 Orchard Road #01-102/103 and #01-01/06
Operating Hours: 10 AM – 10 PM, Daily

Article: Jonan
Photos: Nicole

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