[Food Review] SBCD Korean Tofu House – Your Next Stop in Singapore’s Central Business District

Jonan Liang

| January 19, 2017


Heads up, CBD folks! If you’re around the CBD (Central Business District) area, you should check out SBCD Korean Tofu House, the newest and one-of-a-kind Korean Tofu House that recently opened its door at Tanjong Pagar Centre, directly connected to Tanjong Pagar MRT!


Starting with the side dishes (banchan), SBCD Korean Tofu House serves up pretty standard Korean banchan such as kimchi, pickled green chilies, spicy squid strips and seaweed, whose portions are refillable on request.

Every diner will also be served with a fried croaker fish (not refillable) which is a unique addition to the banchan set to complete the meal.


The Soontofu (Tofu Stew) are served up in a myriad of different and hearty flavors where you’ll be spoilt for choices, including unique selections like Ham & Cheese Soontofu, Sesame Soontofu, Abalone Soontofu and more.

All Soontofu stews are served with an egg and you can even choose from four different levels of spiciness (Mild, Medium, Spicy, Crazy Hot) for the broth. Best of all, no MSG is added to the broth and stew, making it a healthier delicacy to enjoy for all.

SBCD Korean Tofu House makes fresh batches of tofu daily, so you’d be able to taste the difference in their tofu which seeps into the stew, giving the whole dish an elevated tofu stew taste. Combined with different ingredients and levels of spiciness, you can customize your own favorite Korean tofu stew!


One of our personal favourites would be the Seafood Soontofu, served in a generous portion with a variety of ingredients such as shrimps, clams, mussels and squid. The amalgamation of seafood paired with the tofu stew makes for a heavenly taste and a different experience with each ingredient!

We recommend you to go for the spicy or crazy hot level which goes down really well with this stew.


For those who prefers a more exquisite taste, we’d recommend the Abalone Soontofu which contains absolutely delicious abalone of great quality, albeit a steeper pricing. If you’re looking to indulge yourself this Chinese New Year, it’s definitely worth a try!


You can also opt for a non-spicy stew, the Sesame Soontofu which is not too heavy on its taste but suitable for vegetarians, kids, or customers who are looking for extremely light stews! The seaweed in the stew adds a more saltier dimension to the dish but overall it is still a very healthy-tasting stew.

If you can’t decide on which stew to order, there’s also an Original Soontofu dish on the menu (choice of Beef or Pork) which offers a more solid meat taste in addition to the taste of kimchi and tofu in the stew, though nothing out of the ordinary yet not lacking in authenticity at all.


Their delectable a la carte dishes are great add-ons to a meal at SBCD Korean Tofu House, and definitely shouldn’t be missed, especially the Prawn Tofu Pancake which is great for starters and tastes very delicious with bits and pieces of prawn and tofu mixed into every bite, enveloped by the perfectly cooked Korean pancake batter!


Their Japchae tastes very authentic, slightly on the salty side but great to pair with the other a la carte dishes or stews. It comes as a very generous portion, with a side of beef topped with egg and mixed vegetables.


For beef lovers, Tteok Galbi (Grilled Short Rib Patties) is an absolute must-try, as each bite into the delicious patties will leave you wanting for more! The meat is soft and very flavorful with the overflowing taste of grilled beef spreading across your mouth as you take a bite.


We also had the Chicken Teriyaki which might sound like a typical dish, but at SBCD Korean Tofu House, it is definitely a dish they can take pride in. The meat is extremely tender, with every piece an explosion of great taste and not too salty at all, perfect for everyone like you and me!


The LA Galbi is also a dish that brings great enjoyment, as the meat is grilled immaculately and seasoned well, topped with sesame seeds and green onions that add on to the flavor. If it’s anything, we really love the generous portions for the dishes served here!


Being a one-of-a-kind Korean Tofu House in Singapore equipped with stone bowls to cook their rice with, the Hot Stone Rice is a specialty at SBCD Korean Tofu House where they cook the rice in the hot stone bowl and portion out 3/4 of it, then leave the 1/4 in it and add corn tea into the bowl which creates another whole new dish!

This nutritious dish (also known as Nurungji Bap) is meant to cleanse your palate and digestive system, usually and ideally eaten at the end of the meal to complete it.


SBCD Korean Tofu House is currently having an opening event where diners can stand to win attractive prizes such as a hotel staycation, shopping/dining vouchers and more! Check out their social media pages for more information.

Getting To SBCD Korean Tofu House
Address: 7 Wallich Street, Tanjong Pagar Centre, #B1-01/02, Singapore 078884
Operating Hours: 11:30 AM – 10 PM, Daily

(Photos: Nicole)


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