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[COVER] FTISLAND Thanked Primadonnas For Not Forgetting Them At Singapore Concert

Jonan Liang

| February 22, 2017


Singapore Primadonnas were treated to an electrifying evening on 11 February as South Korea’s rock quintet FTISLAND took the stage for their full-fledged concert.

The entire night was packed with high-energy tracks and incredible vocals, where each member shined in their respective positions.


FTISLAND released their 6th Korean full-length album ‘Where’s The Truth’ in July of 2016, where they were ranked 5th on the Billboard’s World Album charts.

Rocking out to songs such as ‘Take Me Now‘ and ‘Stand By Me‘ on the new album, FTISLAND kept fans at the edge of their seats and even brought their fans all the way back to the time of their 1st album in a jazz bar setting halfway through the concert.


The concert reached its climax towards the end where members took turns to thank Singapore Primadonnas for staying with them despite a long wait of three years for their return to Singapore.

Be sure to check out more photos of the concert HERE!

2017 FTISLAND LIVE [THE TRUTH] IN SINGAPORE was organised by Red Spade Entertainment and covered by HallyuSG.

(Official Photos: Red Spade Entertainment)


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