[COVER] TWICE Shares Their First-Time Experiences in Singapore!

Jonan Liang

| April 29, 2017

TWICE has finally set foot on the shores of Singapore! Holding their first ever concert, TWICELAND in Singapore, the girls have promised special stages and performances for their fans.

Clad in bright red dresses, their coordinated outfits brought out their youthful charm as they expressed their earnest enthusiasm during the press conference.

Nayeon added that they were excited to meet their Singapore fans as they practiced tirelessly to put up great performances.

TWICE also shared their first-time experiences in Singapore, expressing their love for chilli crabs after trying it. Tzuyu added that she wanted to try Hainanese chicken rice, while the other members mentioned kaya toast among some dishes to try.

When asked about their happiest moment this year, TWICE couldn’t help but bring up many joyful instances such as the launch of their official fan club, ONCE. They also said that all the meetings with fans overseas brought them lots of happiness and hope to continue more tours around Asia.

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TWICE 1st Tour ‘TWICELAND’ – The Opening – Press Conference In Singapore was organised by ONE Production and covered by HallyuSG.

(Photos: Nicole)


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