[Food Review] A Taste Of Wonder (Woman) At DC Super Heroes Cafe

Jonan Liang

| June 6, 2017
(Photo: DC Super Heroes Cafe)

DC Super Heroes Cafe has come up with a new dedicated menu to welcome the highly raved Wonder Woman film released on 31 May. Said to be the first-in-the-world’s menu curated just for Wonder Woman, the limited-time only menu consists of a power-packed mac and cheese dish and also irresistible mini burgers.

What better way to get yourself stoked for the movie than to feast on these heroic dishes?

Get into action with the Paradise Island Mac & Cheese, specially baked in a delectable 5-cheese and mentaiko sauce, making every bite a cheesy treat with a twist.

The mac & cheese resting in a luscious blanket of crisp cheese combined with the delicious mentaiko sauce gave the dish the most attention-grabbing highlight of the menu.

Fun fact #1: The team at DC Super Heroes Cafe was inspired by Themyscira – the homeland of Wonder Woman – that was surrounded by sea, and hence came up with the idea to revamp a traditional favourite Mac & Cheese dish using Conchiglie Rigate, identified by its shell shape that is also inspired by the sea.

Next up on the menu, the Truth & Beauty Mini Burgers were carefully designed to let the organic nature of Wonder Woman’s origins shine through.

The Truth burger (Pink) is made of ribeye steak topped with shiitake mushrooms dripping with fragrant gravy while the Beauty burger (Yellow) has a juicy chicken patty that bursts into a celebration of cheese as you bite into it and even a crispy onion ring underneath. It also has peanut butter smeared across the top of it, which adds a pleasant contrasting flavour to the burger.

Fun Fact #2: The chefs at DC Super Heroes Cafe explained why they decided to use beetroot powder and tumeric powder to achieve the desired pink and yellow hue for the mini buns without any artificial colouring – both ingredients are known for their superior nutrition and healing properties, which well-reflects the powerful nature of Wonder Woman.

For those craving for a refreshing starter, treat yourself to Themyscira: My Salad Origin, a fresh mix of a plethora of vegetables topped with creamy sesame dressing that leaves you wanting more after every crunchy mouthful.

Talk about creativity, what makes the dish so special is the star-shaped beetroot slices that’s inspired by Wonder Woman’s headband. Just like every superhero battle, it sure is messy but everybody loves them anyway!

For a sweet treat, the Shields of Protection Pancake would be perfect for your Instagram feed. Coupled with fresh chilled fruits, the dessert was delightfully fluffy and flavourful. The taste is also enhanced by a scoop of strawberry ice cream that makes every bite full of fruity flavour.

Aside from the tantalising mains and dessert, fans of the female warrior can also choose between the Wonder Woman & Batman Latte, an aromatic latte infused with the light tones of strawberry, or the Wonder Woman’s Box Office Power Drink, an all-time favourite Salted Caramel Popcorn ice-blended.

The beverages exude the essence of Wonder Woman as the solid flavours represent her strength while at the same time, complement with a touch of feminine sweetness.

For DC fans, this is a place to have a heroic taste of goodness where you can truly experience a unique Wonder Woman themed dining experience! The special menu is available at DC Super Heroes Cafe for a limited time.

Getting here: The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bay Level, L1-03
Reservations: +65 6688 7610

(Photos: Nicole)


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