FLASH GIVEAWAY II: WIN Cat 1 Tickets To Day 2 Of G-Dragon M.O.T.T.E Concert In Singapore

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We heard you, SG VIPs! THANK YOU for participating in our 24-hour flash giveaway on Instagram – we’ve received more than 700 entries in a day and if you’re wondering, yes we do read every single entry.

Good news is, we’ve got something worked out and are sending a few more of you to attend Day 2 of G-Dragon World Tour Act III [M.O.T.T.E] in Singapore! Sad news is, we couldn’t invite all of you to the concert, BUT – you can still get your tickets via SportsHubTix from S$148 onwards.

WIN Tickets to G-Dragon World Tour in Singapore! 2 winners will walk away with a pair of Cat 1 Standing Day 2 tickets each (worth $536/pair)!

How can you participate?

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Terms & Conditions
– Limit to 1 entry on each social media platform (As we don’t encourage spamming)
– Set your social media account or post (FB) to public so that we can view your shared entry
– You must be residing in Singapore or will be in Singapore during the event period
– Complimentary tickets are strictly prohibited for sale. Any winner caught reselling the tickets will have their tickets forfeited immediately and banned from future contests.
– Flash giveaway Round II will end at 6pm (SGT) on 24 Jun 2017. Winners will be announced on our Facebook page at 8pm (SGT) and be contacted by email on the same day, so please make sure that you input the correct email address during submission!

If you have submitted your entry but the comment is under moderation, please do not worry as we’ll approve all comments in the day. If you have submitted duplicate entries due to lag time, not to worry as well, we will take note of it and it won’t affect your entry.

Disclaimer: HallyuSG reserves the right to select the final winners, irregardless of which platform(s) the posts were shared.

Stay tuned to our social media accounts for live updates from the concert this weekend!

G-DRAGON 2017 World Tour [ACT III, M.O.T.T.E] in Singapore is organised by IME Singapore and tickets are available from S$148 onwards on SportsHubTix.

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  1. https://twitter.com/cwcl_/status/878433828628332544

    Hey @hallyusg, as this’s his last world tour before his enlist, I would like to see him for the final time, as I miss him a lot and I hope I could bring my sister along, as we both stan Big Bang alots ❤️ Btw, I’m currently broke & I desperate need to go for his concert, as his concert fall on this weekend & I really don’t wish to miss it Thanks a lot for having this opportunity & I hope I’m the lucky one

  2. https://twitter.com/HallyuSG/status/878432800763924480
    I want to attend ACTIII, M.O.T.T.E in Singapore because it makes me heartbreaker to see G-Dragon perform live in Singapore.I breathe the same air when g-dragon comes to Singapore.He is the leaders of kpop and I want to say hello to him.He makes my day as beautiful and delightful as a butterfly flying around.His hit song crooked really shake the world.I really hope to see him at my window when I wake up.I love it as it makes me going crazy to see him.He is one of a kind that ‘without you’,I could not simply have been addicted to kpop.’Today I will be missing you of I could not see you at the concert this weekend’.Let’s light it up and makes it go bang bang bang this weekend for his solo concert.If you is around,it makes me we like 2 party.Instead of Let’s not fall in love,we have to treat it as a love song.If I am a girl,I would want to be his girlfriend and as it makes me remember of the love he gives to us fans which makes our heart twinkle twinkle.Although it is a foolish love as I know I can’t be ‘my girl’, I am still feeling wonderful as this love makes me feel delightful and I feel crazy thinking of him. Thank you hallyusg very much for organising this wonderful and amazing giveaway for us fans who could not afford to buy tickets to his concert.❤❤❤
    I have liked and shared already. I want to go for the cocnert because G-Dragon is my most favourite member in big bang and he is extremely handsome and cute.I dream of him everyday in my sleep and really hope to have a chance to catch a glimpse of him by supporting and attending his concert.His songs are so addictive and awesome that it makes me listen to his songs again and again without failure.As he would be going to the army next year,I really don’t know if I could have to chance to see him again after this concert as I may have to wait for another 2 years for his comeback after finishing his army.I also especially like the song ‘untitled’ from his latest album single.I really would want to kiss him or hug him if I could have the chance.I am really looking forward to attend his concert if I could win the tickets. Please give me a chance to win.

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