[COVER] Interview With Jay Park, The New Judge For Asia’s Got Talent Season 2

Asia’s Got Talent has today announced that it will be returning for a second season this year. Joining two of Season 1’s judges (David Foster and Anggun), it was revealed that Jay Park will tap in as a new judge for the upcoming talent show on AXN Asia.

At an interview with Jay Park earlier, the Korean-American rapper & producer revealed that he was very excited to be in the scene when he first heard about it. He doesn’t know what kind of a judge he will be as it’s his first time judging a diversity of talents.

“I have to witness it and see my reaction first hand. I’ve done different shows where I judge dancing or rapping, but I’ve never judge talents before. I don’t think I’m gonna be that easy, because my standards are pretty high. We’ll see.” said the global superstar.

As the new judge for the upcoming season of Asia’s Got Talent, Jay Park thinks that good looks may contribute to part of the talent if the said talent is competing as a model, pop star, or comedic act. He feels that it all depends on the type of talent that each individual will showcase.

Quoting from the rapper, “What makes the show exciting is that talents are coming from all over Asia. You don’t know what you’ll be expecting and I want to be surprised. This show will be the judge for their talents.”

When asked if he feels pressured to be part of the judging panel, Jay Park revealed that he felt more excited than anything else. One of the main reasons was because it’s entertaining to see a variety of acts and talents besides singing and dancing.

After meeting David Foster and Anggun today, he thinks that they’re charming and easy going, and further shared that he’s good at showing his true personality.

“I am very respectable to whoever they may be. I don’t feel like I’m better than anyone else because of who I am. In terms of judging talents, I don’t think I’m going to be that easy going. I’m going to be honest but respectable at the same time.”

Season 2 of Asia’s Got Talent will be premiering on AXN in October this year. The series will be hosted by Singapore-based actors Alan Wong and Justin Bratton. With 10 episodes in total, contestants will compete and battle to win the grand prize of USD100,000. Stay tuned to its premiere!

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[COVER] Mamonde Ambassador Park Shin Hye Shares Tips On Keeping Her Skin Radiant And Glowing

Actress Park Shin Hye was in town last Friday (21 July) to grace the Mamonde Garden In The City event held at TANGS VivoCity, where the floral-based skincare and cosmetics brand recently launched its first physical presence in Singapore.

The star has been the ambassador for skincare brand Mamonde for 3 years now, and definitely for good reasons! Her flawless skin is a testament to what quality products and a strict routine can achieve.

Read on to find out how Park Shin Hye keeps her skin glowing despite her busy schedule!

Q: How do you keep your skin radiant and glowing despite your busy schedule of acting and photoshoots?
PSH: When I’m working on dramas, I usually lose moisture in my skin due to the lack of sleep so I put on facial masks daily. I also use the Pure White Ultra Active Essence for firming and whitening benefits.

Q: What are some problems you face with regards to skincare?
PSH: I get tanned easily, so when I’m out in the sun a lot, I focus on whitening more. I also try to keep my skin moisturised all the time, using the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist spray every two to three hours.

Q: What is your favourite Mamonde makeup product?
PSH: The Creamy Tint Balm & Highlight Lip Tint! When I’m at photoshoots, I use the lip tint a lot to emphasise my facial features.

Q: What is your favourite Mamonde skincare product?
PSH: Their toner and essence! I usually use both together because if you only use toner, your skin will become dry. So I top it up with essence to moisturise my skin!

Q: Before you leave the house, what are some things you have to do first?
PSH: I always use the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream, which contains a natural moisturising agent found in hibiscus flowers! Also, I can’t leave the house without putting on the Creamy Tint Balm too.

Q: What are some advice you would give to your fans regarding skincare?
PSH: Focus on moisturising and keeping your skin clean! As an actress, I have to put on makeup regularly, which is very tiring for my skin. Therefore cleaning and removing my makeup thoroughly is extremely important!

At the press conference, Park Shin Hye also shared about her upcoming film ‘Heart Blackened’, which will be released in South Korea in November. Describing it as one of her most challenging roles, the actress will star as a lawyer and added that fans can definitely look forward to her refreshed image in this movie.

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Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min And So Ji Sub To Promote ‘THE BATTLESHIP ISLAND’ In Singapore And Malaysia

Coming your way this August 17, the highly anticipated movie THE BATTLESHIP ISLAND will be screened in Singapore and Malaysia, starring a star-studded cast, Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min, So Ji Sub and more.

In promotion for this movie, director Ryoo Seung Wan and the main cast (Song Joong Ki, Hwang Jung Min & So Ji Sub) from THE BATTLESHIP ISLAND will be making their way to both countries for a Star Tour presented by tvN Movies. The Singapore and Malaysia Star Tour will be held on 8 & 9 August respectively.

The movie relays the story of an attempted prison break from a forced labor camp during the Japanese occupation era. Stay tuned to us for more updates to come on the Star Tour!

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[COVER] EXID Charms Fans At Their Asia Tour in Singapore

Hani, LE, Junghwa and Hyerin from EXID were in Singapore last weekend as part of their Asia Tour. At the press conference that was held prior to the show, EXID revealed that they have been working hard to prepare for this leg of tour.

Having released their latest album [Eclipse] featuring the title track ‘Night Rather Than Day’, Hani and LE shared that they prefer day time over night time, whereas the other two members are the opposite of them.

When asked what genres they would like to explore for their next album, Junghwa answered with a laugh, “bright upbeat songs with pink tennis skirts!”. On the other hand, LE wants to do a charismatic duet with Hani to showcase a girl crush image.

Hani also names the role that each member represents in the group, with LE being the grandmother, Hyerin as the mother and Junghwa as the daughter, adding that Hyerin is the best cook out of them.

If they could choose to eat only one type of food for the rest of their life, Hyerin would pick mackerel, while Junghwa chose her favourite ramyeon, LE with samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) and Hani with potato chips.

At the showcase, fans were treated to a string of EXID’s hit tracks such as ‘L.I.E‘, ‘Ah Yeah‘ and ‘Hot Pink‘. A few handful of them also walked away with autographed albums and t-shirts designed personally by the members.

Dressed in their album cover outfits, EXID took their newest title track ‘Night Rather Than Day‘ to stage, pulling off a cool and chic look. The girls also sang ‘Boy‘, where they performed a spectacular special dance segment for their fans.

The best stage always comes at the last, as EXID drove fans into a wild frenzy with their signature dance moves for ‘Up & Down‘, the track that rose to fame after a fancam of Hani went viral in 2014. Concluding their first Asia Tour in Singapore, and definitely not the last, July 15 was certainly a memorable night to remember for all LEGGOs in the house!

EXID Asia Tour in Singapore 2017 was organised by OHMYEVENT and Only Entertainment. HallyuSG was proud to be the Official Online Media Partner for this event. 

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[UPCOMING EVENT] SEVENTEEN Confirms 1st World Tour in Singapore – Tickets Go On Sale From 5 Aug

Carats, are you ready for the boys? Following the announcement of SEVENTEEN‘s 1st World Tour in Singapore, more information has been released for the upcoming concert. This will be SEVENTEEN’s first World Tour following the success of their first Asia Tour SHINING DIAMONDS last year. Tickets are slated to go on sale from 5 August onwards.

Details of 2017 SEVENTEEN 1st World Tour “DIAMOND EDGE” in Singapore
Date: September 29th, 2017 (Fri)
Venue: Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre, Hall 601-604
Time: 8pm
Ticket Prices: (Excluding booking fees)
VIP S$308 | CAT 1 $248 | CAT 2 $178 | CAT 3 $148 | CAT 4 $118

All VIP ticket holders will be entitled to an official concert lanyard and a High Touch session with SEVENTEEN. Cat 1 ticket holders will also receive the official concert lanyard. In addition, purchase any category of ticket to receive a 2017 SEVENTEEN 1st World Tour ‘Diamond Edge’ in Singapore exclusive postcard, redeemable on show day itself.

Tickets will go on sale from 5 August, 12pm onwards via APACTix  and all SingPost outlets in Singapore. Stay tuned to us for the latest updates for this event!

2017 SEVENTEEN 1st World Tour “DIAMOND EDGE” in Singapore is organised by IME Singapore.


[INTERVIEW] Exclusive: SF9 Talks About Their Goals For 2017!

We apologise for the long wait, FANTASYs! YouTube has finally fixed the bugs on our channel and the interview video is now ready for release. 🙂

Our team had an opportunity to meet up with SF9 for an exclusive interview a day prior to the boy band’s first Fan Meeting in Singapore, where they talked about what they would do in their free time.

The boys also shared their goals for this year, adding that they hope to promote more and become singers that their fans would be proud of. Without further ado, check out the interview footage below!

(Disclaimer: All rights reserved to HallyuSG. DO NOT repost or edit without permission. Change the settings to view the video in HD!)

ALSO READ: SF9 Delights Fans At BE MY FANTASY Fan Meeting In Singapore

Special thanks to SF9 for their spontaneity, FNC Entertainment for the interview opportunity and IME Singapore for arranging the interview!


10 Most Anticipated K-Pop Comebacks And Special Releases This Summer

1. EXO

Anticipated to be one of the hottest summer comebacks this year, EXO has been dropping individual member’s teasers for their upcoming 4th Full Album [THE WAR]. The digital album release is set for July 18 and EXO will hold their first comeback stage on M COUNTDOWN on July 20th with their title track ‘Ko Ko Bop‘. Check out the MV teaser HERE!

2. Jung Yong Hwa

It has been two and a half years since his previous solo album promotions and Jung Yong Hwa is ready to make a solo comeback with a full album release [DO DISTURB] on July 19. The singer will drop his summer album with six new tracks including the upbeat title song ‘여자여자해 (That Girl)‘. Watch the MV trailer HERE!

3. Akdong Musician (AKMU)

Akdong Musician has been teasing fans with mysterious trailers for their sudden comeback and it is finally confirmed that the brother-sister duo will be releasing two tracks called ‘Dinosaur‘ and ‘My Darling‘. Both tracks are written and composed by Lee Chan Hyuk and are slated to drop on July 20 at 6pm (KST). Watch the MV teaser for ‘Dinosaur’ HERE!


While we do not know much details about WINNER‘s upcoming release yet, a source from YG Entertainment has confirmed that they will be joining the list of summer comebacks in late July or early August. Sounds like an exciting plan for the group!

5. GFriend

GFriend is set to make a comeback soon! Their label Source Music has released a statement on GFriend’s comeback in late July and we’re excited to see what kind of concept the girls will showcase in their upcoming release.


Pledis Entertainment has confirmed that NU’EST will be releasing a special song for their fans on July 25. Though Minhyun will not be participating in this single (while he concentrates on the debut with Wanna One), anticipation is rising for the group who has received lots of love from Produce 101 Season 2. The special track will be produced by Kiggen, the same producer for ‘Oh Little Girl’ during the 101 concept evaluation stage. There will not be any scheduled broadcast promotions for this release, but NU’EST is said to be planning for their 4-member unit comeback (as NU’EST W) in the later half of 2017. 🙂


MONSTA X will be releasing a special summer song on July 27! Announced through their official Twitter account on July 17, the group will be dropping their digital single album [NEWTON] before the end of the month. Just when summer calls!

8. CLC

CLC will be making a surprise comeback with their 6th mini album [FREE’SM], slated for release on August 3 at 6pm (KST). The group has been receiving much attention for their transformation from their last release ‘Hobgoblin’, making us anticipate what their concept and style will be for the upcoming mini album.

9. Girls’ Generation

An album is in the making for Girls’ Generation’s comeback in August! Many are speculating that the album will be released during the same period as their debut anniversary date (Aug 5) to commemorate the group’s upcoming 10th anniversary. It is said that the title track has already been decided and filming for the music video will commence this month. Sounds super exciting already!

10. Taeyang

The excitement is real for VIPs and YG fans! Taeyang will be making a solo comeback with not one but TWO title tracks and is said to have began filming for one of the music videos. What’s even more anticipating is that the singer has participated actively in this album production including the brainstorming process and direction of the music videos too! There’s no confirmed timeline on the comeback yet, but we all know that the wait’s gonna be worth it.

With all these artists and groups on the list, whose comeback or special releases are you looking forward to the most?


[UPCOMING EVENT] Mamonde Brand Ambassador Park Shin Hye To Make Special Appearance In Singapore This Week!

Mamonde brand ambassador, actress Park Shin Hye will be visiting Singapore for a special Meet & Greet session this Friday, 21 July 2017.

Park Shin Hye has been the face of Mamonde, South Korea’s premier brand for floral-based skincare and cosmetics since 2014. She will be making a special appearance at “Mamonde Garden In The City” at VivoCity to share about her daily Mamonde beauty regime as well as some beauty tips.

Details of Park Shin Hye’s Exclusive Appearance:
Date: July 21st, 2017 (Friday)
Venue: VivoCity, Central Court A
Time: 5pm

From now till 19 July, every $50 spent at Mamonde TANGS VivoCity will entitle you a chance to win a pair of passes to the VIP area on 21 July. Be one of the top five spenders and you’ll receive not just a pair of VIP passes each but also a group photo opportunity with Park Shin Hye on stage!

“Mamonde Garden In The City” will be held at VivoCity, Central Court A atrium space from 17 to 27 July, 10am to 10pm. For more information, check out Mamonde Singapore’s FB page HERE and stay tuned to us for more updates to come!


[UPCOMING EVENT] Get Ready To Party With B.A.P This August!

Singapore BABYz, here’s the news you have been waiting for! After a sensational tour last year, B.A.P will be returning to our sunny island this August to party with all Singapore BABYz!

Details of B.A.P 2017 World Tour ‘Party Baby’ Singapore Boom
Date: August 18th, 2017 (Fri)
Venue: Mastercard Theatres at Marina Bay Sands, Grand Theatre
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket Prices: (Excluding booking fees)
CAT 1 S$288 | CAT 2 $208 | CAT 3 $148

All Cat 1 ticket holders will be entitled to an autographed album and an exclusive group photo opportunity (10 pax per group photo) OR a hi-touch session with B.A.P after the show.

Tickets will go on sale from 21 July, 12pm onwards via SISTIC or Marina Bay Sands ticketing channel. Stay tuned to us for the latest updates for this event!

B.A.P 2017 World Tour ‘Party Baby’ Singapore Boom is organised by IME SingaporeBe sure to stay connected to our social media for more updates of the event!

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[COVER] Jessica Jung Headlines SHINE Festival 2017 And Shares Advices For Young Artists

Jessica Jung made an appearance at the 12th SHINE Festival in Singapore on 1 July, treating fans to several of her own songs as she headlined the festival.

During the press conference, the K-Pop sensation talked about appreciating the time to relax and roam around Singapore during this trip. She also gave her support and advices to aspiring young artists, sharing that it is important to enjoy what they are doing while not forgetting one’s passion and dedication.

Jessica performed ‘Fly‘ and ‘Wonderland‘ during her set at the festival on the same day. She also shared the stage with Natalie Ong, a local artist, for their collaboration stage.

The festival also featured other local artists such as The Sam Willows, Gentle Bones, ShiGGa Shay and more.

(Photos: Nicole)

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[COVER] SF9 And FANTASY Are Together As One At BE MY FANTASY In Singapore

9-member rising rookie boy group SF9 (consisting of Youngbin, Inseong, Jaeyoon, Dawon, Zuho, Rowoon, Taeyang, Hwiyoung and Chani) recently wrapped up a successful first Fan Meeting in Singapore on 30 June 2017.

SF9 made their official debut last October as the first dance-oriented boy group from FNC Entertainment and has been making commendable achievements with their releases on various music charts.

Known for their well-executed choreography, the boys put up great performances of their hit tracks such as ‘ROAR‘, ‘Watch Out‘, ‘K.O‘ and ‘Jungle Game‘, just to name a few. The powerful and charismatic choreography was definitely a highlight of their live performances!

SF9 also serenaded fans with R&B ballads such as ‘Together‘ and ‘Still My Lady‘, showcasing their versatility in the different stages.

Towards the end of the Fan Meet, the boys were presented with a special fan-made video chronicling their journey since debut, where they promised to work hard for FANTASYs.

From the exhilarating performances to the boys’ interaction with the fans, it was definitely an exceptional night to remember for all FANTASYs in the house.

Were you there at SF9 BE MY FANTASY Fan Meeting in Singapore? Share with us your favourite moment(s) and stick close with us for the release of our exclusive interview with SF9 in Singapore!

2017 SF9 BE MY FANTASY in Singapore was organised by IME Singapore and covered by HallyuSG.

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With Mnet’s newest survival program ‘Show Me The Money’ returning for its 6th season and taking flight recently, we had an interview with Dean, one of the producers for the program when we met him in Seoul during the Greenplugged Festival.

In our ‘Show Me The DEAN‘ segment, Dean answered some of the questions that his fans were dying to find out and also discussed about his newest US single, ‘love’. Check out the interview below!

(Disclaimer: All rights reserved to HallyuSG. DO NOT repost or edit without permission. Change the settings to view the video in HD!)

Special thanks to Universal Music Singapore for having us in Seoul & arranging the interview with Dean!