[COVER] Mamonde Ambassador Park Shin Hye Shares Tips On Keeping Her Skin Radiant And Glowing

Jonan Liang

| July 26, 2017

Actress Park Shin Hye was in town last Friday (21 July) to grace the Mamonde Garden In The City event held at TANGS VivoCity, where the floral-based skincare and cosmetics brand recently launched its first physical presence in Singapore.

The star has been the ambassador for skincare brand Mamonde for 3 years now, and definitely for good reasons! Her flawless skin is a testament to what quality products and a strict routine can achieve.

Read on to find out how Park Shin Hye keeps her skin glowing despite her busy schedule!

Q: How do you keep your skin radiant and glowing despite your busy schedule of acting and photoshoots?
PSH: When I’m working on dramas, I usually lose moisture in my skin due to the lack of sleep so I put on facial masks daily. I also use the Pure White Ultra Active Essence for firming and whitening benefits.

Q: What are some problems you face with regards to skincare?
PSH: I get tanned easily, so when I’m out in the sun a lot, I focus on whitening more. I also try to keep my skin moisturised all the time, using the Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist spray every two to three hours.

Q: What is your favourite Mamonde makeup product?
PSH: The Creamy Tint Balm & Highlight Lip Tint! When I’m at photoshoots, I use the lip tint a lot to emphasise my facial features.

Q: What is your favourite Mamonde skincare product?
PSH: Their toner and essence! I usually use both together because if you only use toner, your skin will become dry. So I top it up with essence to moisturise my skin!

Q: Before you leave the house, what are some things you have to do first?
PSH: I always use the Mamonde Moisture Ceramide Light Cream, which contains a natural moisturising agent found in hibiscus flowers! Also, I can’t leave the house without putting on the Creamy Tint Balm too.

Q: What are some advice you would give to your fans regarding skincare?
PSH: Focus on moisturising and keeping your skin clean! As an actress, I have to put on makeup regularly, which is very tiring for my skin. Therefore cleaning and removing my makeup thoroughly is extremely important!

At the press conference, Park Shin Hye also shared about her upcoming film ‘Heart Blackened’, which will be released in South Korea in November. Describing it as one of her most challenging roles, the actress will star as a lawyer and added that fans can definitely look forward to her refreshed image in this movie.

(Photos: Meixian)


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