Did You Notice? Watermelon Is The Newest Craze In South Korea!

Li Meixian

| August 17, 2017

We enjoyed visiting South Korea because every time we make a trip there, there’s a different hype and craze going on in the country — and the fever is REAL. We’ve been through the honey butter craze and season trends like fried chicken, cheese, banana, yakult, rose, melon, and the list goes on. What makes the trend so interesting is because the Koreans are going crazy for these food flavorings that come in a wide variety of products!

Check out the latest WATERMELON craze that’s taking over South Korea right now! Cause watermelon is the best fruit to cool down the summer heat!

1. Watermelon Jelly Candies

2. Watermelon Ice Cream

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3. Watermelon Milk

4. Watermelon Yoghurt

5. Watermelon Soju

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6.  Watermelon Rice Krispies

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7. Watermelon Soda

8.  Watermelon Cream Bun

9. Watermelon (Mini) Cup Bingsu

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10. Watermelon Cake

Thanks to the current trend, cafes in South Korea have also rolled out several watermelon-flavored beverages and desserts! Which one would you like to try the most?

(Photo sources: Credits to respective Instagram users)


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