[K-MOVIE] South Korea’s Creepiest Horror Film ‘The Mimic’ Comes To Singapore On 31 August


| August 23, 2017

Set to be the creepiest Korean horror film of the year, THE MIMIC is based on the “Tiger of Mt. Jang” – a legendary ghost which mimics the sound of humans. Starring Yum Jung-ah, Park Hyuk-kwon and Shin Rin-ah, the horror film tells the plot about a woman named Hee-yeon (Yum Jung-ah), whose son is missing and takes in a young girl whom she met near Mt. Jang.

Feeling sorry for the young girl, who reminded Hee-yeon of her son Jun-suh, she decides to bring the girl home until her parents could be found. Gradually, the girl mimics Hee-yeon’s daughter, Jun-hee’s name, voice, and look, eventually calling Hee-yeon, “Mom”.

Strange incidents start to occur since the girl joins the household. Will Hee-yeon eventually find her missing son? Will this family find happiness again?

Title: THE MIMIC (장산범)
Genre: Horror
Cast: Yum Jung-ah, Park Hyuk-kwon, Shin Rin-ah
Directed by: Huh Jung
Singapore Release Date: 31 August 2017
Running Time: 100 mins

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