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[COVER] B.A.P Left Singapore BABYz In Awe Ahead of Their ‘Blue’ Comeback

Lin RongRong

| August 25, 2017

B.A.P successfully concluded their 2017 World Tour ‘Party Baby’ last Friday (18 Aug) with Singapore being the final stop.

The concert kicked off with a special opening session from DJ B.Shoo, creating the hype for the party before B.A.P made their way to stage and performed heart-pumping remixes of ‘Hurricane‘, ‘Badman‘, ‘No Mercy‘ and ‘That’s My Jam‘.

The concert also featured solo performances by Jongup, Zelo, Youngjae and Daehyun where each member serenaded the fans with their soulful voices.

The boys expressed that they were really excited to be back as their first overseas activity was held in Singapore and it was a meaningful and unforgettable experience for all of them. Despite all the ups and downs the group had been through for the past years, B.A.P further added, “We’re really blessed to have come this far. Thank you for always waiting for us patiently.”

The concert lasted for 2 hours with B.A.P performing a list of their hit songs such as ‘SKYDIVE‘, ‘Wake Me Up‘ and ‘Feel So Good‘.

Before the boys wrapped up the concert, Himchan added that they will be making a comeback with a new single album after concluding this world tour and one thing for sure, BABYz are definitely going to love this album!

B.A.P has been dropping individual members’ teaser photos for their comeback and is slated to release their album [BLUE] on 5 September.

B.A.P 2017 World Tour ‘Party Baby’ Singapore Boom was organised by IME Singapore and covered by HallyuSG.

(Photos: IME Group Pte Ltd and TS ENTERTAINMENT)


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