[INTERVIEW] Exclusive Backstage Interview with gugudan in Singapore


| October 10, 2017

“Standby, cue! Hello, we are gugudan!” That’s probably one of the most cheery greetings we’ve ever heard as we were greeted by the 9 lovely girls of gugudan ahead of their first Fan Meeting in Singapore on 27 September.

It was their first visit to Singapore which also marked their first ever overseas Fan Meeting out of Korea. As the girls went on to chat about the charms of each member, they also shared the type of concept they’d like to take on for their next album and not to forget leaving a special message for Singapore Danjjaks!

Be sure to catch up with the girls and watch the full interview clip below!

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Special thanks to gugudan, My Music Taste and Jellyfish Entertainment for making this interview possible.


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