[Food Review] A New Korean Food Trend Arrives in Singapore at Pizza Maru!

Korean pizza is the new talk of the town for Korean food trends. Newly arrived in Singapore at Northpoint City, you can find Pizza Maru, a franchise straight out of Korea that offers a unique selections of Korean pizzas, fried chicken and more.

Real BBQ Chicago ($26.80 for regular 9 inch pizza)

One of the highlights at Pizza Maru is the Real BBQ Chicago from the Chicago Pizza Range which is made with black rice dough. Bedded with a fragrant mixture of ingredients like cream cheese mousse and chicken chunks in BBQ sauce, each slice is robust and gratifying, definitely a unique experience.

Something good to note about its black rice dough — these doughs are all patented as the Singapore franchise imports the flour directly from Korea to keep up with the consistency and quality.

Mango Ocean ($19.80 for regular 9 inch pizza, $23.80 for large 12 inch pizza)

Another favourite from the menu is the Mango Ocean under the Premium Pizza range. The Mango Ocean, other than it’s unorthodox name, comes with an amazing burst of flavours. It is made with nutritious green tea wellbeing dough and embodies the Korean style with finesse, blending seafood and traditional spicy Buldak sauce immaculately. You can also choose to top-up extra to opt for the gold edge crust, a crispier version of the pizza.

Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong ($16.80 for 6 pieces, $29.80 for 12 pieces) 

If you’re still craving for more, Pizza Maru also serve the standard Korean fried chicken in different flavours. They offer the Honey Butter Coat, Onion Tartar and if you want to spice things up, the Supa Hot Dak Gangjeong.

Spam Tower ($12.80)

Also, for the spam-lovers out there, their Spam Tower tastes and looks impressive. The crispy spam coupled with fried kimchi, crunchy onion and bell peppers made for a great dish overall.

Poppilicious ($10.90)

We took a peek at their dessert offerings and Poppilicious is another unique dish that you don’t see often! It is a generous scoop of sea salt caramel ice-cream on top of popcorn drizzled with caramel syrup. If that’s not a mouth-watering dessert, we don’t know what is!

This is the exact definition of cheese-pull game strong. Though the franchise in Singapore do not serve any pork or lard in their menu, we are already looking forward to what they will have in store for their future new menu.

Head down to Northpoint City to check out what this Korean pizza trend is all about and don’t miss out!

Getting here: Northpoint City (South Wing),#B1-192/193
Telephone: 6254 4307
Operating Hours: Monday to Sunday, 11:30am – 10:00pm (Last order at 9.30pm)

This is a media invitation by Pizza Maru and all reviews reflect our own personal preference.

(Photos: Nicole)


[K-MOVIE] Record Breaking Film “Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds” Comes To The Big Screens In Singapore

Starring an impressive lineup of cast such as Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi and more, ‘Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds‘ will be coming to the big screens in Singapore on 11 January 2018.

Barely a week into its premiere in South Korea, the film has already surpassed 4 million moviegoers, beating the box office records that were previously achieved by films like ‘Ode To My Father’ and ‘Assassination’.

Title: Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds
Genre: Fantasy
Cast: Ha Jung-woo, Cha Tae-hyun, Ju Ji-hoon, Kim Hyang-gi, Lee Jung-jae, Doh Kyung-soo
Directed by: Kim Yong-hwa
Singapore Release Date: 11 January 2018

Film Synopsis:

Having died unexpectedly at a scene of fire while trying to save a little girl, firefighter Ja-hong (Cha Tae-hyun) is taken to the purgatory by 3 Afterlife guardians – Gang-lim (Ha Jung-woo), Hewonmak (Ju Ji-hoon) and Deok-choon (Kim Hyang-gi). As the first paragon in 19 years, he must go through 7 trials over 49 days in order to be reincarnated. The 3 guardians were promised of reincarnation as well by King Yeomra (Lee Jung-jae), who rules the Afterlife, if they successfully defend 49 souls and do their best defend Ja-hong’s innocence in trials as their 48th client.

His journey progresses without a hitch, until his brother Su-hong, who died begrudgingly, has turned into a Vengeful Spirit and begins attacking the Afterlife, thereby interrupting Ja-hong’s trial. Through the course of this battle, hidden facts surrounding Su-hong’s death are uncovered and proof of Ja-hong’s innocence is now uncertain. Risking their own fate in the Afterlife, the 3 guardians fight to reincarnate both brothers.

Watch the official movie trailer above and visit our Facebook page to find out how you can win tickets to catch the special screening of Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds on 9 January 2018 before the movie opens islandwide!


[UPCOMING EVENT] Meet Actor Yang Se Jong At His First Fan Meeting In Singapore On 26 January 2018 – POSTPONED

[Update on 4 January 2018 – Yang Se Jong’s Fan Meeting in Singapore has been postponed to a later date due to an unforeseen development of certain local issues. Full statement (source) from organiser below.]

Up and coming actor Yang Se Jong will be meeting Singapore fans for the first time at his solo Fan Meeting in Singapore on 26 January 2018. The actor made his debut in 2016 with hit drama ‘Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim‘, playing the role of Yoo Yeon-seok’s rival (Do In-beom) and quickly gained attention for his good acting skills and looks.

Yang Se Jong also starred in ‘Saimdang, Light’s Fairy‘ and ‘Duel‘, and scored his first lead role as On Jung-seon in his latest drama ‘Temperature of Love‘. Come 26 January, fans can look forward to getting up-close and personal with the heartthrob at his upcoming Fan Meeting, where the actor will be giving out high-fives to all ticket holders.

Details of Yang Se Jong First Love 2018 Fan Meeting in Singapore
Date: January 26th, 2018 (Fri)
Venue: Resorts World Theatre™, Resorts World Sentosa
Time: 7:30pm
Ticket Pricing: (Exclude booking fee)
Cat 1 S$198 / Cat 2 $168

All tickets are slated to go on sale on 26 December 2017, 10am via APACTIX website, hotline (+65 3158 8588), Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office, The Star Theatre Box Office and islandwide SingPost outlets.

Stay tuned to us for more exclusive updates on the above event!

Yang Se Jong First Love 2018 Fan Meeting in Singapore is organised by StarSpeed Entertainment.


[K-MOVIE] An Epic Mob, ‘The Outlaws’ To Get Things Wild In Cinemas Next January

Set in 2004, Seoul, JANG Chen (Yoon Kye-sang) is a new breed of gangster who single-handedly takes over a mob and becomes the most feared gangster in the city. He and his merciless gang are willing to do anything it takes for money.

Ruthless detective MA Seok-do (Don Lee) wields his powerful fists to maintain peace in his city. When MA notices JANG falls his district into chaos, MA and his ragtag group of detectives form a plan to get rid of JANG and his men for good.

Based on true story, this South Korean crime action film was brought to the screen with realistic acting by the movie characters. As a ferocious detective, Don Lee (also known as Ma Dong-seok) added his own blend of humor into the character so that it offsets his one-punch side of his character. For Yoon Kye-sang, Jang Chen represented his first villain role and he stayed in character throughout the shoot.

Be sure to catch the movie when it’s released in cinemas from 4 January 2018!

Title: THE OUTLAWS (장산범)
Genre: Action
Cast: Don Lee, Yoon Kye-sang, Cho Chae-yun, Choi Guy-hwa
Directed by: Kang Yun-sung
Singapore Release Date: 4 January 2018
Rating: NC16, with consumer advice (Violence and Coarse language)

Watch the official movie trailer above and visit our Facebook page to find out how you can win tickets to catch the special screening of THE OUTLAWS on 2 January 2018 before the movie opens islandwide!


[UPCOMING EVENT] Super Junior To Return To Singapore For Super Show 7 in January 2018

ELFs, mark your date for Super Junior‘s upcoming Super Show 7 in Singapore, happening on 27 January 2018 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium! It is said that the Singapore show will be Super Junior’s first overseas stop after their Seoul concert this December. Super Show 6 was last held in Singapore in May 2015 and at the upcoming concert, ELFs can look forward to a reunion with the 7 members who’ve participated in their latest comeback album.

Details of Super Junior World Tour ‘Super Show 7’ in Singapore
Date: January 27th, 2018 (Sat)
Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Time: 4pm
Ticket Pricing: (Exclude booking fee)
S$288 / $268 / $238 / $188

All tickets to the concert will go on sale from 16 December, 10am onwards via SportsHubTix website, hotline (3158 7888), Singapore Indoor Stadium Box Office and all Singpost outlets.

Stay tuned to us for more updates on the above event!

Super Junior World Tour Super Show 7 in Singapore is organised by ONE Production.

Show Review

[COVER] VIXX Puts On An Electrifying Show for Singapore St☆rlights

VIXX was recently back in town for “Shangri-La in Singapore”, marking the group’s third visit here, with the previous two being in 2015 and 2016.

Prior to the show, a press conference was held for VIXX to meet Strlights as well as local media, where they shared about what they have done during this trip to Singapore as well as their new year resolutions for the coming year.

Leader N shared that they did some sightseeing the day before, visiting landmarks such as the Merlion Park and Marina Bay. Ken added that he purchased three bottles of kaya jam, chirping “Yeah I like! Good! Good!”.

During the press conference, the members revealed that they are very different on and off stage — On stage they are charismatic and powerful, whereas off stage they are just six gentle young men.

With their take on various concepts, such as vampires and voodoo dolls, the group has cemented their position in the industry as “Concept-dols”. When asked about what concept they wish to take on in the future, N answered that perhaps a sexy concept would be a good idea.

They spoke about their plans for the coming year, and shared that they would love to take on new challenges and release another album to gift to their fans all around the world.

On the same evening, VIXX kicked off their Shangri-La show with electrifying performances of “Fantasy”, “The Closer” and “Desperate”.

To share with fans what they have been up to recently, the members presented a series of personal photos taken from their individual schedule. Some members showed photos from their musical preparations and movie filming, whereas others revealed what they have been doing in their free time.

Strlights truly had the best of both worlds that night as VIXX not only gave musical-esque performances of upbeat tracks such as “Chained Up” and “Shangri-La”, but also sang mellow ballads “Romance Is Over” and “Us Now”.

The group showed the close bond they have as they teased and joked around with one another throughout the show. At one point, N had to back hug each member and say something sweet to them. The other members were running away from him, even pouring water on their backs to avoid the hug, sending fans into fits of laughter!

One of the most memorable segments was undoubtedly the girl group dances. Ken and Ravi did Red Velvet’s “Red Flavour” and Hyuk danced to Sunmi’s “Gashina”!

Towards the end of the show, VIXX shared that they were happy to return to Singapore, and that Singapore Strlights are always overflowing with positive energy. They also expressed their appreciation for overseas fans as Leo assured that the members are constantly reading the messages of support left on their social media accounts.

Hyuk ended the night on a heartwarming note as he said “Even if we are far away, you guys are always in my heart. Don’t forget, okay?” in English, leaving Strlights feeling very touched and anticipating the next time VIXX visits Singapore again.

VIXX Shangri-La in Singapore 2017 was organised by IME Singapore and covered by HallyuSG.

Article: Sarah
Press Conference Photos: Meixian
Concert Photos: Nicole


[COVER] Kim Jong Kook Greeted by Hundreds of Fans at His Meet and Greet Session in Singapore

Kim Jong Kook was in town last Friday (1 December) as a special guest performer at the 22nd Asian Television Awards and met fans at his Meet and Greet session the following day at the newly redesigned COURTS Megastore in Tampines.

Sharing his love for the local delicacies here in Singapore, the singer revealed that he enjoys chicken rice at most and hoped to try chilli crabs when he have the chance to.

When asked about his fitness routine, Kim Jong Kook said that he frequents the gym regularly and works out as much as he eats, emphasising that health always comes first. On days where he doesn’t visit the gym, the fitness guru enjoys spending the day away with a cup of Americano.

While fans have been waiting eagerly for his next solo album, the singer revealed that for now, he will focus on the preparations for his future concerts and hope to perform in Singapore again in the near future.

Be sure to check out what went down behind the group interview with Kim Jong Kook at 2017 Asian TV Awards!

(Photos: Nicole)

Show Review

[COVER] Reminiscing The Shilla Beauty Concert (Ft. SHINee and Red Velvet)

Three months after their last visit in Singapore for Music Bank World Tour, SHINee and Red Velvet made a return recently for the Shilla Beauty Concert which was held to celebrate the launch of The Shilla Duty Free’s new store at Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4 (T4).

Prior to the concert, both groups made a public appearance at T4 for an open press conference and expressed their excitement to be back in Singapore.

As frequent travellers, SHINee revealed that skincare products and health supplements are some of the essential items that they would pack in their luggage when traveling abroad. The members also shared some of their simple skincare tips, such as applying sunscreen lotion and CC cream for enhanced coverage.

On the other hand, as the beauty guru of Red Velvet, Joy shared some of her personal beauty tips such as keeping a positive attitude and using face masks in the morning to reduce the puffiness of the face.

Seulgi added that cleansing is very important as they usually wear heavy makeup on-stage while Yeri pointed out that eating a lot of delicious and healthy food is also an important factor to their lifestyle.

With SHINee’s 10th anniversary coming up in 2018, the members were asked to pick their favourite song out of all their releases since debut.

While the boy band is well-known for their classic hit tracks such as ‘Ring Ding Dong’, ‘Lucifer’, ‘Sherlock’, ‘Everybody’ and more, the members unanimously chose their debut song ‘Replay‘ as one of their favourites, explaining that it is a song that represents SHINee the most.

Red Velvet, who is receiving an exploding popularity from their latest track ‘Peek-A-Boo’, answered a question about supernatural powers they would like to possess.

“I wish I could possess the power of teleportation so that I could come to Singapore in a blink of an eye to meet our Singapore fans!” – Seulgi

The members further added that ReVeluvs are their source of happiness and also expressed their interest to hold a solo concert in Singapore next year.

Official Photo: The Shilla Duty Free

On the same evening, the Shilla Beauty Concert kicked off with a special opening session by singer Eddy Kim, who mesmerised the crowd with his soothing ballads such as ‘Apologize‘, ‘2 Years Apart‘ and ‘You Are So Beautiful‘.

Official Photo: The Shilla Duty Free

Red Velvet then took the stage and performed a series of their hit songs such as ‘Dumb Dumb‘, ‘Russian Roulette‘,  ‘Rookie‘ and ‘Red Flavor‘. Singapore fans were also lucky enough to catch the girls perform their latest hit track, ‘Peek-A-Boo‘, which dominated the music charts upon its release.

Official Photo: The Shilla Duty Free

Finally, SHINee took over the stage and brought the concert to a new high with ‘View‘ before moving on to serenade the crowd with ‘Aside‘, ‘Don’t Let Me Go‘ and ‘Encore‘. Despite the presence of only 4 members, cheers and fan-chants from Shawols were still as passionate and enthusiastic. The boys then wrapped up with encore stages of ‘Beautiful‘ and ‘1 of 1‘, drawing the concert to a sweet closure.

Did you attend the Shilla Beauty Concert? What were your favourite moments for each act? 🙂

Shilla Beauty Concert in Singapore was organised by The Shilla Duty Free & Singapore Changi Airport and covered by HallyuSG.

(Photos: RongRong)

Show Review

[COVER] Highlights From 22nd Asian Television Awards

The prestigious 22nd Asian Television Awards was held at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre last Friday, 1 December 2017, seeing a total of 267 nominees from 19 Asian countries who competed in 42 award categories.

The star-studded red carpet and awards ceremony were graced by international and local celebrities that evening, such as Kim Jong Kook, Bii, Afgansyah Reza, GG Magree, Joanna Dong and more.

Speaking to us at an interview after the awards ceremony, Kim Jong Kook mentioned that he’s happy to be invited as a special guest performer and added that he’s thankful for the continuous support from his fans in Singapore. He performed two of his classic hits “Today More Than Yesterday” and “One Man” during the awards ceremony, leaving fans in awe with his mesmerising vocal.

Taiwanese-Korean Mandopop singer Bii was also one of the guest performers during the awards ceremony, where he belted out two fan-favorite tracks, “Think of You” and “Love More“. Sharing his excitement to perform in Singapore for the second time this year, Bii also revealed that he’s looking forward to meet his fans at his upcoming first solo concert at Taipei Arena on 9 December.

Other highlights notable at the awards ceremony include the two Korean titles that won awards after competing with other Asian titles:

  • Best Drama Series — Love In The Moonlight (KBS)
  • Best Music Programme — Golden Tambourine (CJ E&M)

Check out an exclusive shoutout from Bii below!

Find out what went down behind the group interview with Kim Jong Kook below!

Show Review

[COVER] HYUKOH Conversed Through Music At Their First Concert In Singapore

They called themselves the band of the new generation and we can see why after watching their one-night only gig in Singapore on 24 November. Performing in Singapore for the first time, HYUKOH featured hit songs from their first full length album “23” and engaged with the fans through their soulful music.

23” is an album that was released in April this year, when all the members are 23 years old. Unlike their previous releases, the album took on a darker concept and the band’s singer, Oh Hyuk, attributed this to the anxiety that was formed during the natural phase of growing up.

Fans were treated to a string of hits during the concert, such as ‘Tokyo Inn‘, ‘Wanli‘, and ‘Wonderful Barn‘, the popular track that rose the band to fame after they performed during the Infinite Challenge Summer Music Festival in 2015.

HYUKOH also performed ‘Tomboy‘ (Oh Hyuk’s favourite piece to sing) and brought back one of their greatest hits ‘Wi Ing Wi Ing‘ during the encore stage, leaving fans screaming for more.

There may not be much talking during the concert, but the band was able to converse with fans through their passionate music and for all we know, this is one concert experience that everyone in the house would love to relive all over again!

HYUKOH Live in Singapore was organised by Secret Sounds Asia and covered by HallyuSG

(Official Photos: Dominic Phua)