[COVER] Kim Jong Kook Greeted by Hundreds of Fans at His Meet and Greet Session in Singapore

Kim Jong Kook was in town last Friday (1 December) as a special guest performer at the 22nd Asian Television Awards and met fans at his Meet and Greet session the following day at the newly redesigned COURTS Megastore in Tampines.

Sharing his love for the local delicacies here in Singapore, the singer revealed that he enjoys chicken rice at most and hoped to try chilli crabs when he have the chance to.

When asked about his fitness routine, Kim Jong Kook said that he frequents the gym regularly and works out as much as he eats, emphasising that health always comes first. On days where he doesn’t visit the gym, the fitness guru enjoys spending the day away with a cup of Americano.

While fans have been waiting eagerly for his next solo album, the singer revealed that for now, he will focus on the preparations for his future concerts and hope to perform in Singapore again in the near future.

Be sure to check out what went down behind the group interview with Kim Jong Kook at 2017 Asian TV Awards!

(Photos: Nicole)

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