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[PHOTOS] Highlights From MONSTA X Special Showcase in Singapore

Li Meixian

| March 12, 2018

[!!] Warning: This will be an image-heavy post with lots of eye-galore of your favourite boys! 😀

In Singapore on 3 March for their special showcase as part of the HSBC Women’s World Championship Music Festival 2018, MONSTA X dropped an explosive show which saw a full-house at The Coliseum Hard Rock Hotel Singapore, where the showcase was held.

The boys thrilled fans with hit songs such as ‘Beautiful‘, ‘White Love‘ and ‘From Zero‘, and took time to interact with Monbebes, displaying their energetic and fun sides throughout the 2-hour show.

From sharing their Mon-stories (highlights of their daily lives) to a drawing contest on stage to compete for the best artist position in the group, fans were treated to plenty of fan-service from the boyband including a heartwarming speech by Wonho, whom expressed his concern for fans who had to wait for them in an outdoor setting for both the open press conference and showcase.

Meanwhile, Singapore Monbebes also took the opportunity to present a surprise birthday cake and put up a special video at the showcase in celebration of Wonho’s birthday (1 March).

MONSTA X also belted out other hot tracks such as ‘Shine Forever‘, ‘Hero‘, ‘Dramarama‘, and dedicated their last two stages ‘5:14 (Last Page)‘ and ‘I’ll Be There‘ to fans who’ve been there for them in their idol journey.

MONSTAX X is said to be making their comeback with a new album [The Connect] dropping on 26 March, while they will kick off their second world tour with the first show in Seoul on 26 & 27 May. Will they include Singapore for their upcoming world tour? We hope so too!

Check out more photos from the open press conference and showcase below!

(Photos: Nicole)


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