[QUIZ] Which “Waikiki” Character Are You?

Welcome to Waikiki” (Eulachacha Waikiki) is one of my favourite dramas these days thanks to the light-hearted storyline and funny characters whom never fail to bring laughters in every episode.

Starring Kim Jung-hyun, Lee Yi-kyung, Son Seung-won, Jung In-sun, Go Won-hee and Lee Joo-woo, the drama unfolds the story of 3 men whom faced difficulties in running a guesthouse called Waikiki, due to the poor economy and loan interest. They are passionate about their individual dreams and things began to change when their guesthouse was met with unexpected guests — a single mother and her baby.

The heartwarming drama has been gaining lots of love from viewers since its broadcast, providing us comic relief every now and then, and is definitely one to enjoy watching together with your friends!

With a confirmed extension of 4 episodes (making it to 20 episodes in total), we can’t wait to see more of the cast’s passionate acting in the drama! Take the quiz below to find out which character from Waikiki is most similar to you! The drama airs on JTBC every Monday and Tuesday at 11pm (KST).

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