BTS are the New Faces for LG Electronics and Fans are Loving It!


| April 10, 2018
(Photo: LG Electronics)

LG Electronics (LG) is riding on and enjoying the BTS effect after announcing on April 3 that they would be signing the boy band as their models for the company’s upcoming outreach campaign. As soon as the official announcement was made, LG has seen an immediate response from fans all over the world, gaining over a million reach, 40,000 retweets and close to 70,000 likes in just one tweet till date.

Well, numbers certainly don’t lie. It is expected that this collaboration will be a huge global hit, where BTS will star in a series of TV and social media campaigns for LG’s mobile products, beginning with LG’s next smartphone G7. The campaign will reflect the uniquely colorful personalities of each member, highlighting the boy band’s talent, attitude and relationship with their fans — just the similar qualities that LG aims to deliver in its upcoming products.

Congratulations to BTS once again on this achievement!

(Source: LG Electronics)


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