VANS Korea Created The Old Skool Mule Sneakers Because of G-Dragon!


| April 23, 2018

Trendsetter G-Dragon (GD) has done it again! Eagle-eyed fans of GD would have often seen him in pictures wearing and folding the back of his VANS sneakers, which he occasionally posted on his Instagram in the past. While doing so, there were of course many people who started wearing it the same way just because it’s a part of GD’s fashion.

Albeit unintentionally, GD’s stylish way of donning the sneakers has got the actual brand creating a new type of sneakers after the fashionista!

In a recent Instagram post shared by @gq_korea, it reads:

After G-Dragon folded the back of his VANS sneakers, a lot of people started doing so and wearing their sneakers the same way. Hence, VANS has created the Old Skool Mule. It will not be inconvenient or uncomfortable to fold the back of your sneakers anymore.

A post shared by 권지용 (@xxxibgdrgn) on

A post shared by 권지용 (@xxxibgdrgn) on

Because of GD, the original Old Skool sneakers went out of stock in Asia as well. Talk about the influence of trendsetter GD when he was just simply dressed up in his comfortable outfit and shoes!

Are you one of those who folds your sneakers like GD too? Check out this video to see how VANS sneakers are donned the GD-style!

(P.S. Serious talk though, VANS should really consider engaging GD as their next model after his military discharge! Do you agree?)


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