MONSTA X’s Self-Designed Contact Lens Are The Next Thing You Might Wanna Get From South Korea!


| April 25, 2018

Celebrity endorsements are nothing new, but participating in the making of the endorsed product may soon start the trend in the highly competitive market.

Selected as the new faces for the contact lens company Lens Town, MONSTA X will be releasing their very own series of contact lenses ‘MnX‘, designed personally by the members themselves. MONSTA X was chosen to model the brand because of the unique personalities and style that each member possess, which aligns well with the brand’s vision.

Shownu and Wonho take on the street range 3-color series with Street Brown (a combination of dark brown, brown and pink) and Street Gray (a combination of dark brown, gray and pink) respectively, giving off a natural and fresh look that matches well at any occasion.

For the mono range series, Minhyuk created the Mono Gray lens while I.M puts on the Mono Burgundy lens to blend in with the natural eye color, achieving a deeper color effect.

The remaining three members — Hyungwon, Kihyun and Jooheon — designed the trendy range series, ranging from Hyungwon’s Trendy Brown lens (a combination of burgundy and brown) to Kihyun’s Trendy Green lens (a combination of emerald green and gray) and Jooheon’s Trendy Blue lens (a combination of emerald green and blue), all of which are great contrasts to their hair color.

These self-produced MnX lens are expected to release in South Korea’s Lens Town stores in mid-May 2018 and are already receiving very positive responses from fans. With 7 different colors to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choices!

(Photos: Lens Town)


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