Interview: Getting To Know More About Euna Kim and Jeon Minju from KHAN

Li Meixian

| June 14, 2018

Euna Kim and Jeon Minju from KHAN recently made their debut as a duo on May 23 and sat down for an interview with us, where they chatted about their debut and new single “I’m Your Girl“, first impressions of each other, nicknames and more.

Having debuted in the past together, both artistes were from former K-pop girl group The Ark, and are currently promoting together as a duo under Maroo Entertainment. Euna Kim was known to have participated in several talent competitions and survival programs such as Superstar K3, Unpretty Rapstar (Season 3), and most recently, The Unit, where she emerged as the 10th in place and barely missed the opportunity to debut in UNI.T.

(Photo: Maroo Entertainment)

On the other hand, Minju previously appeared on K-pop Star 2 and 6, where she made it to the Top 4 list in Season 6 of the show. Despite taking a longer route than many idols, both of them finally reunited as a duo and named their group “KHAN”, making an anticipated return with their debut single “I’m Your Girl”.

Check out the full interview with KHAN below as they shared more about their group name too! (Disclaimer: All rights reserved to HallyuSG. DO NOT repost or edit without permission. Change the settings to view the video in HD!)

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