GIVEAWAY: WIN Autographed Posters Signed Personally By The Cast of “Sketch”!


| July 17, 2018
In photo: Kang Dong-soo (Rain)

More suspense, mysteries and uncertainties. As the drama plot unfolds, we often find ourselves in a state of confusion thinking what kind of twist or surprise will take place in the next episode.

Ended its 16-episode stint last Saturday (14 July), K-drama “Sketch” was always on our radar because of its interesting storyline that revolves around an ace detective Kang Dong-soo (Rain) with excellent intuition, a former elite special force member Kim Do-jin (Lee Dong-gun) who tries to plot a revenge for the death of his wife, and a female detective Yoo Shi-hyun (Lee Sun-bin) who has the ability to foresee 3 days into the future and sketch out its drawings. Despite their temperament differences, Kang Dong-soo and Yoo Shi-hyun worked together to correct what’s wrong in the society.

In photo: Kim Do-jin (Lee Dong-gun)

It all began with mysteries in the air, as Kim Do-jin’s pregnant wife was killed by a serial murderer, followed by the murder of Kang Dong-soo’s fiance — all of which were somehow foresee by Yoo Shi-hyun in her sketches. More questions arose out of the drama scenes with new characters, but little answers or no clue were given for the next few episodes, leaving us feeling lost and puzzled halfway through the storyline.

In photo: Yoo Shi-hyun (Lee Sun-bin)

If you are a fan of action or thriller drama, this is one that we’d recommend to binge-watch and finish the whole series. And if you’re halfway through the drama, be sure to watch till the end because no drama is complete until a proper wrap up!

The full series of Sketch are available on Viu.com and the Viu app. Watch the drama and stand to win exclusive prizes below!

We have some good news for fans of “Sketch”, as we’ll be giving away x2 autographed posters that are signed personally by the cast (Rain, Lee Dong-gun and Lee Sun-bin)!

How to WIN autographed posters signed by the cast of Sketch?

  1. Follow @HallyuSG & @viusg on Instagram
  2. Watch Sketch on Viu.com or the Viu app and screen capture the most exciting scene that made your heart skip a beat.
  3. Post the screen capture onto your Instagram and in the caption, tell us why you picked that scene.
  4. Be sure to tag @HallyuSG & @viusg in the photo too!

Terms & Conditions
– Contest is open to Viu registered users based in Singapore only
– Only single entry will be allowed per Instagram account
– Your Instagram account has to be set public for us to view your entry
– Contest will end on 31 July, 23:59 hours (SGT). Winners will be announced on our Instagram contest post itself during the same week.
– Prizes have to be self-collected at Viu Singapore’s office

This giveaway is sponsored by Viu Singapore. Binge-watch and catch up the full series of Sketch on Viu.com or the Viu app!

(Photos: Viu)


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