[K-MOVIE] Get Spooked By “THE WHISPERING”, Coming Soon To Cinemas On 26 July


| July 18, 2018

Starring So Ju-Yeon, Kim Min-Kyu, Kim Young and Kim Tae-Min, South Korea’s horror film “THE WHISPERING” will be screened in Singapore from 26 July 2018. When curiosity took over a group of friends who are out on a road trip,  they have decided to enter a deserted house despite warnings to avoid the place. Little did they know what will haunt them from the moment they re-enter the abandoned house…

Movie Synopsis:

After the tedious college entrance exam, Eun-ha (So Ju-Yeon) and her friends are supposed to have fun but are still trying hard to find ways to enter a better college. “This is going to be our last winter as teens and we should do something memorable!” Hence Woo-sung (Kim Young), the teen ‘Youtuber’ suggests to go on a trip.

On their way to the beach, they unexpectedly arrive at a spooky rundown house, where the owner killed his wife and daughter. Despite warnings from Shaman to stay away from this haunted house, Woo sung plots to broadcast a staged “Live show” of supernatural. When they are shooting, each of his friends disappear one by one after hearing a whisper. And when Eun-ha tries to find her friends, she hears another whisper of somebody she knows…

Title: THE WHISPERING (속닥속닥)
Genre: Horror
Cast: So Ju-Yeon, Kim Min-Kyu, Kim Young, Kim Tae-Min
Directed by: Sam Choi
Run Time: 91 mins
Language: In Korean with English and Chinese subtitles
Rating: TBA
Singapore Release Date: 26 July 2018


Check out the movie trailer and catch the film on the big screen as it opens in Singapore cinemas from 26 July 2018!


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