SPECIAL RELEASE: Interview with The Return of Superman’s Hammington Family in Singapore


| July 23, 2018

A month ago, we had the great honour to invite TV personality Sam Hammington and his cute boys William and Bentley for a special interview with us in Singapore. We caught up with Sam on his life after joining the reality-variety show “The Return of Superman“, and how the programme has impacted his family for the past two years till present.

Sam Hammington and family have been on The Return of Superman since the later half of 2016 when William was just three months old. Two years on, William now has a younger brother named Bentley, and both of them are currently starring together on the programme, receiving lots of love from viewers in Korea and all around the world!

Catch our exclusive interview with the Hammington family and be sure to follow their journey in Singapore on KBS2 “The Return of Superman”!

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Special thanks to KBS and Sam Hammington for the interview and DC Comics Super Heroes Cafe (MBS) for the venue!


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