Bye Bye Double Chin with Song Ji-hyo’s CELDERMA Chin Mask


| July 26, 2018
(Cr: SBS Running Man)

If you are an avid Running Man fan, you must’ve watched one of the latest episodes where the cast members were headed to Switzerland for their respective luxury and shuddering package trips.

You would’ve also noticed that Blank Ji-hyo (Song Ji-hyo) was bare-faced when she boarded the plane but still looking so pretty! Curious to find out how Ji-hyo maintains her skin and look?

(Cr: SBS Running Man)
(Cr: SBS Running Man)

This is her secret: Upon settling down in the plane, Ji-hyo immediately took out a unique mask for her chin and placed it on. Se-chan and Ha-ha followed and tried putting on the mask as well.

(Cr: SBS Running Man)
(Cr: SBS Running Man)

After the episode aired, many Running Man fans got curious about the “Song Ji-hyo’s chin mask”. With a little research, it turns out that they were using CELDERMA’s newest mask called the Double Layering mask!

What’s even more interesting about this mask is that it was in actuality created by Ji-hyo herself! She suggested the idea of wanting a mask pack that will hydrate and lift her chin so that she can eat all the good food and still be able to look good. Realistic concern coming from a true foodie like her!

Watch Ji-hyo work out with the Double layering mask on in her latest CF below:

CELDERMA promises that after putting on the mask, one can reduce puffiness and achieve a smaller face for 24 hours! Designed for comfort, it is suitable for anyone to use as it’s extremely stretchy.

(Cr: freed77/soo & me)

Other than mainly lifting one’s skin, it will also lock in moisture to hydrate, increase elasticity, smoothen fine lines, and reduce double chin! Main benefits — helps with Elasticity + Cooling + Moisturising + Skin smoothing + Relief Swelling and achieve V-line!

(Cr: soo & me)

3 pcs of masks per box is retailing at 20,000 KRW (~SGD$25) and it comes in three different colours (Edge Grey, Star Gold and Chiffon Pink) to suit one’s style too!

How to use it?

Step 1: Remove the transparent sheet from the mask.
Step 2: Put it on your face carefully and hang it over your ears.
Step 3: Keep it on for 1-2 hours and you are set for the next 24 hours! Your skin will immediately feel lifted and hydrated.

Where to get in Singapore?

Although CELDERMA is currently only available in Korea right now, you can still get your hands on the masks by posting a request on Airfrov, a convenient platform whereby travellers can accept your request to bring back overseas products.

Simply post a request on Airfrov and a traveller in Korea will bring it back for you! Enjoy an exclusive discount of up to S$10* off any of your Airfrov purchase from South Korea when you cart out and quote “HALLYU10“! (*Valid for both first-time and existing users)

Now, are you ready to achieve a V-line chin in no time and surprise everyone? 😉

(Source: Airfrov)


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